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8 Advanced Reinhardt Tricks That Make Tanking Trivial – Overwatch


Advanced tips and tactics to help you master Reinhardt.

Two months after launch and Reinhardt remains not just one of our favourite tanks in Overwatch, but one of our favourite characters overall. He’s easy for newcomers to get stuck into battle with and make a real difference, he’s great for pushing some of the trickier objectives in the game, and he’s also got a massive hammer to smack enemy’s around the face with. He’s about as pure a tank as the game has to offer, and you’ll rarely go wrong by throwing a Reinhardt into the mix at the Hero select screen.

So far so simple, then, but there’s plenty of mastery to be had here despite the simple proposition of Reinhardt’s design. How should you make the most out of your Charge ability and ensure you hit your mark? How can you maximise the damage potential of your hammer swings? How can you make sure your earth-shattering Ultimate lands to maximum effect?

We’ve put together a collection of Reinhardt tips that answer these and other questions, and we think will help anyone squeeze a little more power out of Reinhardt. You should find them particularly useful if you’ve played a lot of Overwatch but not dabbled a great deal with this Hero, yet the advice should also help new players get up to speed with this top-tier tank right away.

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Hammer time

Reinhardt’s massive hammer attack covers a 180 degree arc, but if you can adjust the arc while swinging and cover a much wider area. You may want to mess around with your horizontal sensitivity settings in order to make this effect easier to achieve, but don’t go so far that you find it difficult to navigate in general.

As with all control settings, dial ’em up slowly until you’ve acclimatised.

Coordinate your Ultimates

Start paying attention to the calls in team chat regarding the status of everyone’s Ultimates. Combining this intel with strong situational awareness of where your allies are can be a game-changer.

Consider Heroes who are deadly but vulnerable in these states, such as Bastion. When he’s in rocket-firing rampage mode, providing some protection (or just incapacitating a pack of enemies with your own Ultimate) can lead to a total wipeout for the other team.

Actively manage Barrier Field

Your Barrier Field only recharges while it is deactivated, and so you should try to save it for when you need it the most. If you have the opportunity to take a moment’s respite – perhaps because the other team have temporarily withdrawn to wait for their respawned friends to come back – get into cover and charge up, even for a moment.

It refills faster than you think, and you’ll need every drop of juice you can get during a brawl. Actively manage your shield in accordance with the current threat level.

Add the element of surprise to Charge

By all means be fairly opportunistic when it comes to trying to slam someone with your Charge ability, but it’s even better if you can flank them a little and maintain the element of surprise. You can by all means slam straight into them from range, but at this stage of the game’s life you can expect the average player to get well out of the way in good time.

Instead, locate your mark, then consider if there’s a different approach from the sides. You’ll stand a better chance of pinning someone if your team are keeping their attention off you too.

Use Firestrike to threaten enemies at height

Your E ability can travel in any direction and it passes through barriers and shields! If there’s a sniper tucked away on a balcony, target them and throw out your Firestrike. We’ve played with a surprisingly large number of Reinhardts who are seemingly unware that this skill is not just limited to use along the horizontal plane.

Sound obvious? Skip onto the next tip if so, but we think this simple piece of advice will be a game-changer for some. Keep in mind that you’ll have to drop your shield to fire it off.

Be the delivery guy you were born to be

If you are on a Payload map, and you are not making a coordinated forward push with your team, stay with the Payload itself and keep that sucker moving. If your flankers have spread apart to clear out the next stage of the map, there is no-one else on your team who’s in better shape to hug the objective and keep it rolling slowly onwards, taking advantage of the path that’s being cleared for it.

Many a game’s been lost by a team who clear too much space and then fail to capitalise on it.

Make every Earthshatter count

It is crucial that you save your incredible Ultimate for large scale fights as it can turn the tide of a match in a flash. Do not use it as a panic button, and simply to keep you alive for a few more seconds.

If the enemy team are clustered together – and particularly if you have teammates nearby – then charge right in there and drop Earthshatter like it’s going out of fashion. Whatever you can’t mop up, your friends will gladly help you finish off.

Know your team and be the tank they need you to be

If you are on a team dominated by Heroes who damage from further back, you can charge in if you like, but accept the fact that you are going to be on your own and the focus of everyone’s attention (sometime’s a good thing!).

This is particularly important on defense, when you should focus on providing those ranged attackers with the shielding they need, and you can use Firestrike to keep the damage rolling. Adapt your playstyle to your team, in other words.

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