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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gulliver – How to find five communicator parts


Here's what you'll need to do.

Gulliver will task you with finding five communicator parts in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but where do you get them? Well, look no further than this guide. We’ll explain where to find them, and what rewards you’ll earn for doing so.

Roam the sandy shores of your island each day and there’s a chance you’ll bump into a washed up seagull named Gulliver. Quite literally, washed up. Speak to him and he’ll bumble some nonsense about being on the high seas and fall back into a daze.

Keep pestering him and he’ll eventually wake, whip out his phone and attempt to get in contact with his mates. Turns out his phone’s actually broken and to fix it you’ll need to track down 5 communicator parts! That’s classic Animal Crossing right there.

Gulliver only gives you one clue, and that’s to search along the beaches on your island. Still, it’s not a lot to go on. So how do you find his communicator parts? And what rewards do you get in return? We’ve explained it all just below.

How to find five communicator parts for Gulliver

We’ll take you through the whole ‘Gulliver process’, so by the end of the page you’ll know exactly what to do if you ever spot this seafaring seagull.

Where can I find Gulliver?

Gulliver will randomly wash up along a beach on your island. He’ll likely visit within the first couple of days, and from then on, every few days.

How do I wake up Gulliver?

Speak to him as many times as it takes. Eventually he’ll rouse from his slumber.

Where can I find five communicator parts?

You can find communicator parts along the beaches on your island and to collect them, you’ll need a shovel.

What you’re looking out for are tiny holes in the sand, which’ll then briefly spurt with water before disappearing again. They’re quite hard to spot if you’re sprinting about, so comb the beach at a leisurely pace until you spot one.

Find one? Get your shovel out and dig up its location. Low and behold, you’ll find yourself a lovely communicator part!

From our experience, there are only ever a couple of these spots per beach on your island, so you’ll need to go beach hopping to find them all. Also, these little spurts of water are guaranteed to be a communicator part, so don’t worry about digging up anything else. Find one, and it’s 99.9% going to be what you’re after.

We’ve got more unique visitor guides down below if you want to say hello to them all:

What are the rewards?

Once you’ve collected all five communicator parts, speak to Gulliver. He’ll get in contact with his mates and will depart your island at the end of the day.

In return for all of your help, he’ll send you a present through the mail which will arrive the next morning. It’s totally random, but it’s usually a decorative item, or a piece of furniture.

Finally it’s worth noting that helping Gulliver will also reward you with Nook Miles, so it’s worth keeping this in mind if you’re after a helpful little earner.

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