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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to get a five star island



To earn a five star island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons you’ll need to follow a few set patterns. In this guide we’ll explain what you’ll need to do to get the highest island star rating.

Once K.K Slider has played his wonderful concert on your island and you’ve seen the credits roll, you’re likely thinking – how do I up my star rating? It’s largely more of what you’ve been doing already – putting up fences, decorating, and keeping things neat and tidy.

In this guide we’ll break down a few things you should be working towards if you’re chasing that all-important five star island rating.

How to get a five star island rating in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To get yourself a five star island, you’ll first need to get K.K Slider to visit your island and have the credits roll. Once you’ve completed this task, you’ll unlock the Island Designer App which’ll grant you creative freedom to knock down cliffs, erect your own, create paths, waterfalls, and stick custom designs everywhere.

Of course, feel free to go wild and express yourself through your island design! If you’re chasing a five star rating, though, you’ll need to tick off a few things while doing so.

  • We’ve mentioned this already – have K.K grace your island with his presence.
  • Have the maximum number of villagers living on your island (10).
  • Unlock all the shops: Able Sisters, Upgraded Nook’s Cranny, and Museum. You’re highly likely to have completed this already.

Next, now that you’ve unlocked terraforming, you need to focus your efforts on distributing decorations, trees, fences, and flowers around your island. It doesn’t necessarily matter how pleasing they look to the eye as the game doesn’t take into account if a table is angled oddly, or if your fence isn’t interlocking in certain areas. All that really matters is that you’re jazzing up your island evenly.

We’d recommend having a think about certain parts of your island, particularly those which are bare, and consider what you’d like to populate it with. A little cafe area, perhaps? How about a beach bar? A lot of it will come down to the items you’ve collected, so think about how you can use them to create all sorts of spots around your island.

As you go along, make sure you talk to Isabelle if you need a little guidance. Not only does she dish out island evaluations, she’ll also steer you in the right direction. She’ll drop hints as to the number of flowers you’ll likely want to plant, or the lack of trees for example.

For raw stats and the number of ‘stuff’ you’ll want to purchase and lay around your island, Arekkz’s video is extremely handy.

Furniture wise, you’re talking 60-70 pieces. Fencing is a whopping 250+ evenly distributed throughout your island. Oh, and plenty of flowers and trees. Give the video a watch, it’s super useful.

If you make five stars, congratulations! But what do you get for your efforts? Well, the Lily of the Valley plant will have a chance of sprouting on your island. It’s a droopy plant sporting a vertical trio of lovely white flowers. Might not sound like much, but honestly, these plants are beautiful and your mates will be seriously jealous.

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