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Animal Crossing: New Horizons turnips and Stalk Market – how to buy and sell Turnips from Daisy Mae


Just like in real life, turnips are the primary form of speculative market engineering.

Daisy Mae will come round and sell you turnips on a Sunday morning. Here’s the lowdown on everything turnip-based in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The Stalk Market will be introduced a few days after you first arrive at your island. It’s easy to mess up and waste all your bells though, so we’ve put together a handy guide on how to best manipulate the stalk market and get the best possible prices.

How to get turnips and play the Stalk Market in Animal Crossing

There’s a hell of a lot to think about when trying to make bells. Turnips are one aspect of Animal Crossing that’s become a series staple, so you should get on that stalk market and make it work when possible.

How to unlock the Stalk Market

Daisy Mae will turn up to your island and sell you turnips when you’ve managed to get Nook’s Cranny up and running. She rocks up on Sunday mornings, so don’t sleep in and forget or you’ll miss your chance.

How to buy and sell turnips

After meeting Daisy Mae, she’ll give you an unmoving price at which turnips can be bought. It’s take it or leave it, but the prices will be different at other people’s islands.

You can sell turnips at different price levels at Nook’s Cranny. Ask Timmy and Tommy about the price of turnips, as seen below, and you’ll be able to hopefully make a sweet bit of profit.

In our experience, turnips have an approximate average price of 100 bells each. You’ll want to buy at as low a level as possible and sell when a profit is possible – you get a week to sell before your turnips spoil, so be quick about it!

Prices in Nook’s Cranny change each day in the morning and afternoon, but you can’t sell on Sunday. It’s worth checking back at least a couple times a day so you can get the best possible value for your turnips.

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How to profit in the Stalk Market

This is all pretty high-level stuff. How do you make it work in your favour? Well, winning at the Stalk Market is actually pretty simple. Turnip prices are different for every player, so you’ll be wanting to contact all your friends and compare prices. If you can buy turnips for 90 bells, tell your friends, and if your Nook’s Cranny is buying them for 200 or more, invite them round for that too.

Playing the Stalk Market is far less about gambling and more about collaboration to find the best possible prices both on the Sunday from Daisy Mae and on all the other days of the week from Timmy and Tommy.

The big money comes from working out the price patterns. Thankfully, techy geniuses with their computer wizardry have sorted this out for us! Check out Mike Bryant’s turnip price calculation tool, which uses code extracted by Ninji to calculate future turnip prices based on previous levels. Make sure you note down your price points, including Daisy Mae’s sell price on your island, and you’ll be able to predict when prices are going to spike. Just plonk the numbers into the calculator and get your friends to as well!

Keep in mind though – you’ll want to sell on Saturday regardless of prices. Cut your losses if you have to, because otherwise your turnips will spoil and be worthless.

Can you plant turnips to get more?

Unfortunately, Turnips can only be obtained by buying directly from Daisy Mae on a Sunday morning. You can’t grow more by planting or burying turnips. Burying Turnips will just make them look like any other buried object, so it can be a decent way to store them. We tend to just drop them on the ground in a designated area on the island though.

So go out there and make that money! We’ve got loads of guides on Animal Crossing: New Horizons to get stuck into as well, including help on getting yourself onto a tarantula-infested island (it’s better than it sounds!), as well as a nice little guide on how to go about your daily routine.

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