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Animal Crossing Switch guide: Release date, trailer and everything we know


Everything we know so far about the upcoming Animal Crossing Switch game.

Our Animal Crossing Switch guide covers the release date and trailer, and will be updated with gameplay tips at launch.

Animal Crossing has fast become one of the most important titles for any new Nintendo console, and following the breakthrough success of the series on 3DS a few years ago it’s safe to say that it’s heating up to be one of 2019’s hottest Switch releases.

There isn’t a huge amount of official information about the game right now, but we wanted to bring you everything we do know about the next entry in the series into one place.

In the run-up to launch – and as soon as more official news is revealed – we’ll be adding a huge amount of information into this guide.

For now though, here’s everything we know about the game. We’ve also got a little bit of speculation for you towards the bottom of the page.

Animal Crossing Switch Reveal

The game was finally confirmed in a Nintedo Direct broadcast towards the end of 2018. In it, everyone’s, ah, “favourite”, loan shark Tom Nook addresses the camera and references the preceeding Smash Ultimate component of the Direct:

“I see that Isabelle jas joined the fight, hm?

“It makes me so proud when my friends get out there and try new things.

“Oh, I just remembered! I’ve got other business to attend to…

“I’ve go to make sure everyone has a nice, new place to come home to when they’re ready, yes?”

“I’m sure they’ll be tuckered out after all that camping and smashing and what not.”

“So it’s back to work for me.”

Animal Crossing Switch Release Date

At the time of publishing the first edition of this article, Nintendo had not confirmed a clear release date for Animal Crossing on Switch.

Sources suggest, however, that it will be released in late Q1 or early Q2, which would be around March / April 2019.

Rumours aside, we do know from the reveal broadcast that the game is scheduled for launch at some point in 2019, and a new Nintendo Direct is expected to land very shortly.

As one of this year’s big titles for the Swich, we’d be extremely surprised if Animal Crossing didn’t get at least some kind of further mention in the upcoming broadcast. When it inevitably happens, we’ll break down all of the info contained in the broadcast and add it into our guide.

The upcoming title was also the centrepoint of the game’s social media new year celebrations! A 2019 release still seems like a certainty then.

Animal Crossing Switch Overview

Here’s a quick overview of the series, and the kind of things we can certainly expect to make a return in Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch. As new details are officially confirmed we’ll add them in here.

– The Animal Crossing games have you finding your place in a community of eccentric animal characters, all of whom have their own wants and needs.

– Much of the game is focused on customising your experience – the plants you grow, the way you decorate your home and so on.

– There are lots of other activities to take part in as well, such as fishing, digging up fossils, and communicating with your new friends.

– Although there are certainly some objectives to work towards, the game is extremely open-ended and encourages you to live the game as a second life, where time ticks ever forwards.

– Seasonal events have been a big part of previous entries in the Animal Crossing series, with the changing of the seasons being reflected in the landscape as well. This encourages you to check in on your Animal Crossing world regularly, and keeps the experience fresh in the long run.

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