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Apex Legends: Bangalore Guide – Tips & Abilities


Tips to help you get to grips with Bangalore in Apex Legends.

Our Apex Legends Bangalore guide contains tips and strategy advice for using each ability to its maximum potential.

If you’re looking to easy your way into Apex Legends with a character that feels at least somewhat familiar, you can do a lot worse than plump for Bangalore. This Legend is designed with combat in mind first and foremost, and so will suit FPS veterans very handily indeed.

Every aspect of this character is designer for direct engagement with the enemy, and this is apparent from the abilities. There’s a tactical ability that lets you smoke out a chokepoint, for example, and a passive ability which dramatically increases Bangalore’s movement speed whenever you take damage.

Last but not least, there’s the ultimate ability which is arguably one of the most impactful in the game. Pop this skill and Bangalore will summon an airstrike that spreads across the map and obliterates any enemy players that find themselves in its area of effect. It can be used tactically as well if you just want to force your opponents out of hiding.

We think Bangalore should be a great starting point for all players, and so we’ve put together a guide that will help you play him to perfect. We’ll have more updates for you as we gain more time with this character for ourselves.

Passive Ability – Double Time

Bangalore’s passive ability ensures that if she takes any damage while sprinting, she’ll gain a decent speed boost temporarily.

As you’d expect, this comes in pretty handy if you’re in a spot of trouble and need to escape or reposition – although we obviously wouldn’t suggest that “geting shot” is a solid strategy!

It’s a passive which will always come in handy though, so make the most of a movement speed boost if you do get scraped by a bullet, and look to retreat and heal up. Alternatively, you can use your mobility advantage and seize the opportunity to get more aggressive on your terms.

If the opponent is firing at you with a relatively low-damage weapon, it’s not a bad idea to take advantage of the speed boost you gain to reposition with your team, or gain an advantageous position on the map.

As for the weapons you’ll be hoping to hoover up, weapons like shotguns and rapid-fire guns can be useful. You’ll be darting in and out of engagements with great agility, and so being able to punch out damage fast can be very beneficial.

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Tactical Ability – Smoke Launcher

Activate this ability and you’ll fire off a high-velocity smoke canister which explodes into a smoke wall on impact.

The Smoke Launcher is immensely useful, and never more so than when your teammate is down but not out. Fire a smoke canister just in front of your teammate and it’ll create a wall of smoke which should give you a better chance of successfully reviving your ally.

It’s also great for smoking off chokepoints if you need a quick escape route. Fire off a canister and it’ll obscure enemy vision just long enough so you can do a quick runner if things aren’t going too well.

Of course, you can also use the Smoke Launcher as a brilliant flanking tool. Shoot a canister in the middle of a fight and it’ll give your teammates better cover to sneak around, or even race through the smoke to close the gap.

If one of your teammates has fallen in battle, you can fling a smoke canister at them and then use the cover to revive them. If you’ve a Lifeline player on your team, this lets them make even better use of their rapid revive ability.

Do be careful when using the Smoke Launcher when engaged in a fight, as it also allows your opponents to take advantage of its cloaking benefits as well. Think very carefully about which section of an area you want to obscure before you fire off a round.

When it comes to equipping attachments, the wisdom of the crowd suggests that Digital Threat is very useful. This will allow you to highlight enemies and make better strategic use of your smoke device.

Here’s a really useful video which does a good job of explaining Bangalore’s gameplay style. Give it a watch for a solid overview of how to play this Legend:

Ultimate Ability – Rolling Thunder

Bangalore’s ultimate ability calls in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape.

First off, you’ll call in the artillery strike by throwing a grenade towards the designated location. After a short delay the bombs will start falling, so it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s not instant and you’ll need to take a moment to line up your throw.

We’d say Rolling Thunder is best used to flush out opponents hiding in cover – let’s say behind a large rock. Chuck your special grenade right next to them and it’ll force them to flee or get blanketed by explosives. This’ll open up a great opportunity to drop them when they cheese it into the open.

You could also use it to lock down an enemy position. For example, you may have spotted an entire squad grouped up inside a building. Drop an artillery strike on the building and they’ll be forced to cower inside.

This will open up a great opportunity for your team to close the gap and surround the building. What’s more, the sound of the explosions will mask your teammates’ footsteps, so the enemy won’t know what’s gabout to hit them when things go quiet.

As a general rule of thumb, you are going to aim to use Bangalore’s ultimate as a way to zone the other players out of their preferential position, rather than land significant damage. It really is quite easy to dodge in this regard.

Here’s a video which shows off how to use Bangalore’s ultimate to control the enemy team’s positioning:

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