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Apex Legends: Best Characters & Legends guide


A complete overview of every Legend in Apex Legends.

Our Apex Legends best characters page contains a list of every legend and their unique abilities.

One thing which sets Apex Legends apart from all the big Battle Royale games of late is the selection of unique heroes you can choose from.

They each come packing their own abilities which can flip fights in your favours, help you traverse the map with ease or revive your teammates when the going gets tough.

There’s a total of eight so-called Legends in Apex Legends, which makes it difficult to know which one will fit your playstyle, or who’s actually the best of the lot.

To help you get a better feel for every character in Apex Legends, we’ve put together a list of them all alongside their abilities.

All characters are viable, but in terms of picking the best Legends it’s all about team composition. Getting a balance of roles is far more important than picking the “best” individual team members.

With that said, you want a character who can stand up to the competition and defend their team, for example, so look to a character like Gibraltar to take this role as a primary choice, or Bangalore.

Healing is another key consideration, so we recommend Lifeline to keep the team ticking over. If no one else is taking this role on, definitely think about stepping up to the plate here as you’ll make a huge difference.

The rest of the choices really come down to who you’re most comfortable playing as. As long as you have defense and healing support covered, you’ll find all other Legends to be situationally useful – something you can’t really plan for.

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Apex Legends Characters and Abilities List

There are a total of eight heroes in Apex Legends, each equipped with their own unique abilities and gear.

Here’s a brief overview of them all:


  • Passive skill: Encore! – Automatically drop a decoy and cloak for 5 seconds when knocked down.
  • Active skill: Psyche Out – Send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy.
  • Ultimate: Vanishing Act – Mirage deploys a team of decoys to distract enemies while he cloaks.

Mirage is a trickster who toys with opponents using his decoys and stealth abilities, which makes him a brilliant choice for those a little more experienced with the game. It takes time getting used to throwing out holograms in the right situations to confuse enemies and you’ll want to learn a bit more about the map to make the most of them.

If you spend the time to master him, he can make for a formidable pick who thrives as a flanker. He’s got all the tools to confuse and disrupt enemies when going on the aggressive, but also if he’s caught in a pinch too.


  • Passive skill: Nox Vision – You gain threat vision on enemies when moving through your gas.
  • Active skill: Nox Gas Trap – Place up to 6 canisters that release deadly Nox has when shot or triggered by enemies.
  • Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade – Blanket a large area in Nox gas.

One of our personal favourites, and one of the strongest damage oriented Legends in the game (in our opinion, of course). His ability to control the map with toxic gas can open up vulnerabilities in an enemy’s defense for allies to exploit, or simply provide enough of a distraction to make a quick getaway and reposition.

Caustic’s main strength lies in flushing out enemy controlled buildings with his Ultimate and, as is often the case in battle royale games, you’ll encounter many scenarios where this will come in handy. The fact he can wade through his toxic gas unharmed and spot enemies through the fumes also enables him to finish off unsuspecting opponents trying to escape.


  • Passive skill: Doubletime – Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time.
  • Active skill: Smoke Launcher – Fire a high velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact.
  • Ultimate: Rolling Thunder – Call in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape.

Bangalore’s your class soldier class with abilities that’ll fit right into someone with an aggressive playstyle.

Her air strike is brilliant for pinning down or flushing out enemies, but it’s arguably her Smoke Launcher which steals the show. It’s fantastic for obscuring vision so you can get off a quick revive or leg it out of a hairy situation.

She’s a solid all-rounder with useful abilities, so definitely worth a pick if you want a Legend who can hold their own in practically any situation.


  • Passive skill: Voices from the Void – You hear voices when danger approaches.
  • Active skill: Into the Void – Reposition quickly through the safety of the ‘void’ space, avoiding all damage.
  • Ultimate: Dimensional Rift – Link 2 locations with portals for 60 seconds.

Wraith is up there as one of the strongest Legends currently in the game – if you can master her abilities.

She can open up portals which link two locations for 60 seconds, which is great for swiftly closing the gap on enemies and catching them unaware, or escaping from a terrible situation. On top of this, you can avoid damage entirely by nipping into the void which can come up clutch if you’re involved in a close quarters firefight.

We’d highly recommend Wraith as a pseudo-support character whose portals can be gamechangers if used correctly.

Legend Guides


  • Passive skill: Insider Knowledge – Scan a survey beacon to reveal the ring’s next location.
  • Active skill: Grappling Hook – Grapple to get to out-of-reach places quickly.
  • Ultimate: Zipline Gun – Creates a zipline for everyone to use.

We rank Pathfinder in a similar spot to Wraith. Incredibly strong, but once you’ve got a handle over his abilities.

The Grappling Hook is unbelievably good for traversing environments with ease. You can get the height advantage over enemies before they have a chance to react or simply swing across terrain and build up crazy momentum to get somewhere quickly.

Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun allows his teammates to travel from point A to point B in next to no time, and it can make the different between a win or a loss. If used right, you could pull off a brilliant flanking maneuver or escape from the enemy’s clutches just in the nick of time.


  • Passive skill: Combat Medic – Revive knocked down teammates faster while protected by a shield wall. Healing items are used 25% faster.
  • Active skill: D.O.C. Heal Drone – The Drone of Compassion (DOC) automatically heals those near it over time.
  • Ultimate: Care Package – Call in a drop full of high quality defensive gear.

Lifeline packs some of the best kit in the game, so we’d rank her as one of the best Legends in the game too.

Her heal drone can be an absolute life saver if you’re hunkered behind cover and need a pick me up, while the Care Package never fails to drop strong items which can swing the momentum of a game in your favour.


  • Passive skill: Gun Shield – Aiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire
  • Active skill: Dome of Protection – Throw down a dome-shield that blocks attacks for 15 seconds
  • Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment – Call in a concentrated mortar strike on a position you mark with smoke.

Gibraltar’s a beefy Legend and practically a walking tank. He’s great for newer players as he deploys a small shield whenever aiming down sights, and his tactical ability drops a dome shield which blocks attacks for 15 seconds. Of course, this also makes him a great choice for teams who need someone on the frontline to divert attention and soak up damage.

Gibraltar’s ultimate is particularly potent and can force enemies out of position.

We’d recommend Gibraltar for players who want to get stuck into fights and be the first line of defense for teammates.


  • Passive skill: Tracker – Foes leave behind clues for you to find.
  • Active skill: Eye of the Allfather – Briefly reveal enemies, traps, and clues through all structures in front of you.
  • Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt – Transform into the ultimate hunter. Enhances your senses, allowing you to see cold tracks and move faster.

Bloodhound’s another very strong Legend who is able to identify clues left by enemies on the battlefield and track them down. His tactical ability also allows him to see enemies through walls, and this is ridiculously strong in scenarios where you’re unsure if an enemy is lurking nearby.

Bloodhound’s ultimate move transforms him into a hunter with increased movement speed and perception, which can give you a much needed edge in battle.

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