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Apex Legends: Bloodhound Guide – Tips & Abilities


How to play this incredibly useful supporting Legend.

Our Apex Legends Bloodhound guide contains tips and strategy advice for using each ability to maximum potential.

If you like to play a more supporting role to your teammates then we think you’ll find Apex Legends’ Bloodhound a real blast to play.

This Legend’s abilities are largely built around providing everyone with a tactical advantage by giving a heads-up on enemy locations. So useful are these skills that Bloodhound has quickly become a staple part of team composition in the game, and is a character well worth mastering.

Bloodhound’s supporting nature also makes this Legend a good pick for those of you who may not have the sharpest aim in the game, but nevertheless want to to provide your team with a powerful advantage.

That said, Bloodhound is more than capable of standing his ground in a firefight, and with the ability to spot enemies first you can often bag some delicious tactical kills with this character. Great offensive use can be made out of Bloodhound’s ultimate as well, once you’ve truly mastered its hit and run nature.

Seeing as Bloodhound is likely to prove a big part of the Apex Legends meta going forwards, we wanted to put together a comprehensive guide to playing the Legend. We’ve got an overview of all this character’s abilities, along with plenty of tips to help you maximise their potential as well.

We’re updating all of our Apex Legends guides continuously. If you’ve any hot tips of your own, pop them in the comments and we’ll include them with credit when we next update this article.

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Passive – Tracker

This clever ability puts icons on your hub which indicates the nearby presence of an enemy player. Even more usefully, your teammates can actually see those icons as well, helping you to close in on the kill – or just avoid imminent danger – together.

Once you’ve experienced the benefit of this, you’ll find it very hard to go without this Legend in your team setup.

As a passive skill, there aren’t really any core tips to provide here. Just keep a close eye on your HUD and make sure you’re alert to any changes in the environment that it picks up.

Tactical – Eye of the Allfather

When you activitate Bloodhound’s Tactical ability, he’ll send out a radiating radar pulse which illuminates any enemies who fall within the reach of this expanding skill.

Even better, any targets that are picked up are not protected by walls or other environmental obstacles, ensuring that they remain in Bloodhound’s sight, even when they think they are safe.

Just like the Passive Ability, Bloodhound’s teammates can also see this outline, providing a huge tactical advantage to you all if used at just the right moment.

A word of warning on usage, however. Don’t fire up this ability just because it’s on cooldown, as it’s best saved for when you definitely need the tactical advantage it provides.

As a common example, this means popping the ability before entering a building. Once the scan has been completed, you’ll be able to not only see if anyone’s lurking inside, but also where they’re lurking. Make sure to call out their position to teammates.

This provides you with a killer opportunity to plan your route around the building – and catch them by surprise while hoovering up any loot that’s lying around.

Don’t get reckless and start rushing into a building to finish them off, though. Be aware that their position will likely have changed since you last scanned, so keep your wits about you!

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Ultimate – Beast of the Hunt

Bloodhound’s Ultimate is an exceptionally powerful skill that not only grants the Legend much faster movement speed, but also puts a trail on the ground that allows you to track any enemy targets down and catch them by surprise.

This lasts for 35 seconds, so you’ve a fair bit of time to get the most out of it.

Given that lengthy uptime, it provides you with a lot of utility options. First, you can pop it to very quickly get up in an enemy’s face to rattle off some damage, then get out of dodge if the counter attack proves overwhelming. You can either get some respite, or disengage from the fight altogether.

It’s worth cooperating with your teammates when activating this ability, so they can work on any stragglers while you continue to pressure the enemy team as a whole.

Although there’s a big change to the UI appearance when you active Bloodhound’s Ultimate, just keep in mind that you are still just as vulnerable as you were before. Yes you’re moving faster and are harder to aim at, but you’ll still take the same amount of damage from enemy fire.

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