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Apex Legends: Caustic Guide – Tips & Abilities


Tips and tricks to help you master Caustic.

Our Apex Legends Caustic guide contains tips and tricks for using each ability to its maximum potential.

Caustic’s a great choice of character in Apex Legends if you like to control the flow of battle and the enemy team’s options at any given time.

Whether it’s throwing around canisters of poisonous mist to obscure areas of the map, or throwing further cans of poison gas to whittle down the enemy’s health, this is a Legend that excels at putting the enemy team under pressure in just about any situation.

In many regards you can consider this character as playing a supporting role for the team. Nox gas can be tactically used to force the enemy into unfavourable positions, for example, or to bring them out of their hiding spots so the rest of your team can rattle off damage of their own.

Because of the close cooperation required, this can be quite a tricky character to truly master, and so we’ve put together an essential starter guide that will explain how to play Caustic. To start things off we’ve outlined every ability, and provided some pointers on how to get more out of each one.

As we play more Apex Legends – and Caustic specifically – we’ll be adding further tips into our guide over time. If you have any clever tactics of your own, let us know about them in the comments. We’ll add them in with credit in the next update to the article.

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Passive Ability – Nox Vision

This allows Caustic to see enemies through his Nox gas. This proves incredibly useful if you’ve blanketed an area with poison gas, as the enemy will struggle to see you. You, however, will be gifted with a great view of their whereabouts.

Try and make the most of this passive by throwing down Nox gas in front of your foes or right in the middle of firefights. This way you’ll be able to better position yourself while your enemies struggle to escape.

Don’t get too carried away though, as the gas will also obscure your allies’ vision too. Let them know if you’re chucking down a few traps and pick your moments carefully.

Tactical Ability – Nox Gas Trap

Activate this ability and Caustic will drop canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of them:

  • If you know enemies are lurking in your area, drop them in doorways or near loot so as to catch them off-guard. Pay attention to whether they’ve been triggered or not, as it’ll give away their position too.
  • If you’re in the middle of a close quarters fist fight right at the beginning of the game, don’t hesitate to litter the floor with these traps as it’ll chip away at your targets – and they’re unlikely to realise it as they frantically dash around looking for loot.
  • There may be a position you don’t want enemies to hold or take up position in. Drop some traps in there to flush them out if they do wander inside, and then pick them off when they emerge.
  • Nox gas isn’t easy to see through, so you can use them to hinder enemy vision in tight spaces. Since your passive grants you vision through this gas, don’t be afraid to get aggressive and take the fight to the enemy when they are struggling.
  • You can use your mines as a last ditch escape tool. The gas is pretty difficult to see through, so chuck one at your feet and shoot it before doing a runner.
  • It’s possible to lay down a total of six mines.
  • Damage will stack if you place mines close together.

Ultimate Ability – Nox Gas Grenade

Caustic’s Ultimate blankets a large area in Nox gas.

First and foremost, ensure you’ve taken the time to line up your grenade throw before pulling the trigger.

– We’d recommend using this ability to trap targets in a building or a chokepoint. It’s also fantastic for flushing enemies out so you can finish them off out in the open.

– Remember that you’re immune to the gas, so if a bunch of enemies are attempting to flee, jump in and try picking them off before they get a chance to flee.

– Caustic’s gas is actually pretty difficult for enemies to see through, which actually makes this grenade a decent escape tool if you’ve got no other option. Try chucking it down behind you and using the cover of the gas to reposition!

– You can use the gas a protective blanket if you are down but not out. Crawl into it to give yourself a better chance of survival.

– With the above point in mind, you can chuck a Nox Gas Grenade at a downed ally to increase your chances of getting a revive off if you’re under fire. Gas doesn’t damage friendly allies and it’ll make it much harder for enemy players to see and enter the vicinity while you’re reviving your teammate.

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