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Apex Legends: How to execute a finisher (PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4)


How to finish your foes with a little extra flair.

Our Apex Legends finisher guide explains how to perform and unlock executions in the latest battle royale game.

In Apex Legends you can bag a few bonus points for style thanks to the so-called finishers that exist in the game.

Every Legend has access to their own unique execution move, which will allow you to truly eliminate a downed player with a little extra pizzazz.

If you’re not happy with the default execution, you can even unlock new moves either by finding them in loot boxes, or by spending a chunk of the Crafting Metals you’ve been acquiring across your game time.

This extra flair is never really explained in the game’s tutorial, and so we’ve put together a quick guide that explains everything you need to know about finishing moves in Apex Legends.

PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Execution Finisher Controls

Once you’ve put an enemy into the downed state, you simply need to approach them and then press the correct button when prompted to do so.

Here’s a reminder of the interaction key or button on each platform:

  • PC: E
  • PlayStation 4: Square
  • Xbox One: X

Once you’ve performed the finisher on an enemy target, they will not be able to get back up again.

Be warned, however, that when you perform the animation you are open to attack by enemy players, and your viewpoint changes too so it’s harder to see what’s going on.

If an enemy manages to land a shot on you while performing an execution, the animation will be halted and you’ll also, of course, take some damage in the process.

In other words, no matter how tempting the opportunity might be, you may want to have a glance around at your surroundings before trying to show off in front of your friends…

Unlocking Finishers in Apex Legends

As we mentioned at the start of this guide, every Legend in the game starts off with one finisher that you can make use of whenever you’re playing that character.

All Legends – with the exception of Mirage and Bangalore – can unlock an extra pair of finishing moves apiece, and these can be found by heading to the Legends section of the game’s UI. At the time of publishing this article, Mirage and Bangalore only have one bonus finisher to work towards.

As for the cost of enhancing your executions, you’ll need a total of 1200 Crafting Metal to unlock each one. Try to focus on your favourite characters first, is our advice.

List of Apex Legends Finishers

Here’s every bonus finisher currently available in Apex Legends.

Just below the video you’ll find a video which shows each one in action so you can prioritise your favourites. You can also view all of these in-game:

That wraps up our guide on how to execute finishers in Apex Legends. Let us know your favourites in the comments.

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