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Apex Legends: How to self revive


How to revive yourself in Apex Legends.

In our guide to self-reviving in Apex Legends we explain where to obtain the item which lets you self-revive and how to do so.

If your health drops to zero in Apex Legends and at least one of your teammates is still alive, you won’t be eliminated immediately, but you’ll got into a down-but-not-out state instead.

This means that you’ll be able to crawl along the floor, ping enemy locations and even raise a knockdown shield if you’ve got one equipped. Knockdown shields allow you to block a certain amount of damage from one direction when downed, and it’s great for prolonging your life just enough to distract the enemy or escape from a sticky situation to sneak in a quick revive.

However, there’s actually a way to revive which doesn’t rely solely on teammates, that’s right – you can revive yourself and get straight back into the action like nothing happened. Below we’ve explain how it works and you’ll need to get hold of if you want to self revive.

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How to self-revive in Apex Legends

To pull off a self revive in Apex Legends you need to get hold of a Legendary knockdown shield. You’re unlikely to find one out in the wild, and if you do, it’s an extremely rare drop.

To increase your chances of getting one, we’d recommend hunting down Supply Drops, dropping in Hot Zones and landing on the Supply Ship. All of these options present their own risks, so be careful if you’re gunning it for the best loot as, chances are, everyone else will be too.

Once you’ve found a Legendary knockdown shield, go about equipping it. If you go down with it equipped you’ll get one opportunity to self-revive. It takes a good few seconds and you’ll be completely static while doing so, so make sure you’ve found a decent hiding spot first.

If you manage to self-revive but get downed a second time, you won’t have the option anymore. You’ve got one chance so make sure you use it wisely. With this in mind, it’s best to save the ability to do so for crucial situations where you’re completely split from your teammates. If you’re confident your teammates will clean up shop and come revive you in a second or two, it’s worth holding off.

In the video we’ve embedded below, Scahty shows you how it’s done:

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