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Artifact: Cards


Every card confirmed for the Dota-inspired card game so far.

Our Artifact cards page contains a database list of every card that’s been confirmed for the upcoming Dota card game so far.

Artifact is expected to launch before the end of 2018 (the smart money has it pegged around December), and when it does so it’ll start off life with around 280 cards in its overall database. These are split into any number of different categories.

There’ll be 44 hero cards at launch, for example, while the remainder will be made up of the kind of ability and spell cards that you’ll no doubt be familiar with if you’ve played much Hearthstone or Magic over the years.

In this article, we’ve rounded up every last Artifact card that has been revealed so far, although it goes without saying that many more will be teased in the run-up to launch. As new ones are confirmed by Valve, we’ll update this article so you always have a one-stop place to catch-up on what’s coming with the game!


To learn about a specific area of Artifact’s card system, use the following links to jump straight to what you’re interested in:

1. Card Overview

2. Black Hero, Spell and Ability Cards

3. Blue Hero, Spell and Ability Cards

4. Green Hero, Spell and Ability Cards

5. Red Hero, Spell and Ability Cards

6. Item Shop Cards

Cards Overview

As we’ve already mentioned in this article, there will be 44 hero cards in Artifact at launch. Some of these characters will be drawn directly from the Dota universe, while others will make their way into the MOBA from Artifact over time.

Each hero card belongs to one of four different suits: Black, Blue, Green and Red. You can build a deck using two different suits, and you can have up to five different hero cards in your deck. The rest of your deck will be composed of spells and abilities that are associated with your heroes’ suit colours.

Here’s a simple overview of what kind of flavour you should expect from each category of hero card:

Black: Sneaky assassin characters who are able to interact with other boards other than the one they’re currently situated on.

Blue: Think Mages here. They start off relatively weak but become considerably more powerful over time.

Green: Your classic Support category of heroes. They can restore health and provide other buffs as well.

Red: Tanking, bruiser like heroes who can take a huge amount of punishment – and presumably dish it out when the moment is right as well…

Note that as you do battle through each round you’ll earn Gold by killing enemies as well as the creeps that spawn throughout the lanes. When each round of play has ended, you can head to the item shop and use your accumulated gold to buy equipment or buffs for your hero cards.

Black Hero, Spell and Ability cards

Black cards are the sneakier, more assassin-like heroes that you’ll be playing with in Artifact. Here’s a look at who’s who in this category.


Phantom Asssassin

  • Attack: 6
  • Armor: 0
  • Health: 8

Efficient Killer: “Phantom Assassin deals +4 damage when attacking a hero.”

Sorla Khan

  • Attack: 8
  • Armor: 0
  • Health: 6

Warmonger: “Sorla Khan deals +4 damage when attacking a tower.”


Those black heroes can make use of a collection of black spells and abilities that are exclusive to this category:

Assault Ladders

3 Mana – “Allies deal +2 damage when attacking a tower.”

Assassin’s Shade

7 Mana – “Effect unknown.”

Coup de Grace

6 Mana – “Condemn a hero. Discard a random card.”

Day at the Track

3 Mana – “Effect unknown.”

Grazing Shot

1 Mana – “Deal 2 damage to a unit in any lane.”

Steam Cannon

7 Mana – “Effect unknown.”


1 Mana – “Effect unknown.”

Blue Hero, Spell and Ability cards

Blue heroes and cards will suit those of you who like to build initially-weak Mage characters into devastating late-game fighting forces. Here are the heroes that have been confirmed for this suit so far:


Crystal Maiden

  • Attack: 2
  • Armor: 0
  • Health: 5

Arcane Aura: “Return 2 Mana for every spell cast.”


  • Attack: 3
  • Armor: 0
  • Health: 8

Lucent Beam: “Before the action phase, deal 1 piercing damage to a random enemy and add a charge to each Eclipse card in your hand or deck.”


  • Attack: 3
  • Armor: 0
  • Health: 7

Static Field: “Deal 1 piercing damage to Zeus’s enemy neighbors after you play a blue spell.”


Here are the blue spells you’ll be able to make use of if you make room for a blue hero in your deck of choice!


6 Mana – “Condemn all units.”

Cunning Plan

2 Mana – “Swap a unit with one of its allied neighbors. Draw a card.”

Dimensional Portal

4 Mana – “Summon three melee creeps.”


6 Mana – “Repeat one time for each charge: Deal 3 piercing damage to a random enemy.”


5 Mana – “Effect unknown.”


3 Mana – “Deal 2 damage to a unit and disarm it this round.”

Thunder God’s Wrath

7 Mana – “Deal 4 piercing damage to each enemy hero in all lanes.”


1 Mana – “Choose a unit. It taunts.”

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Green Hero, Spell and Ability cards

These are all of the green cards that we’re aware of in Artifact, and we start with the hero cards that have been confirmed so far:



  • Attack: 4
  • Armor: 0
  • Health: 10

Feral Impulse: “Lycan’s allied neighbours have +2 Attack.”


  • Attack: 3
  • Armor: 0
  • Health: 7

Relentless Rebel: “Rabid deployment.”


Your green heroes will be further supported by a collection of associated spells and abilities. Here are the ones that we know about at this present time:

Act of Defiance

4 Mana – “Modify allied creeps with +2 Attack and +1 Armor.”

Aphotic Shield

2 Mana – “Effect unknown.”

Divine Purpose

7 Mana – “Effect unknown.”

Emissary of the Quorum

8 Mana – “Effect unknown.”

Truth to Power

5 Mana – “Silence a unit this round.”

Red Hero, Spell and Ability cards

Here’s every red hero card that has been confirmed so far, either by Valve themselves or through the hands-on gameplay that’s been experienced by the press to date. Although most of these cards will have additional abilities, the exact details have not been confirmed in every case.



  • Attack: 7
  • Armor: 2
  • Health: 11


  • Attack: 8
  • Armor: 0
  • Health: 12

Barroom Brawler: “Modify Bristleback with +2 Armor after a hero blocking it dies.”

Legion Commander

  • Attack: 6
  • Armor: 1
  • Health: 8

Moment of Courage: “Retaliate 2.”


  • Attack: 5
  • Armor: 0
  • Health: 11


Those red heroes will be further supported by a collection of red spell cards. Here’s what’s been confirmed for the game at the time of publishing this article:

Berserker’s Call

6 Mana – “Choose an allied red hero. It battles its enemy neighbours.”

Combat Training

1 Mana – “Choose an ally. Choose a combat target for it.”

Defensive Stance

2 Mana – “Effect unknown.”

God’s Strength

6 Mana – “Effect unknown.”

New Orders

1 Mana – “Choose an ally. Choose a combat target for it.”

Take Aim

1 Mana – “Give a red hero +4 Attack this round.”

Time of Triumph

8 Mana – “Effect unknown.”

Viscous Nasal Goo

4 Mana – “Modify a unit with -2 Armor.”

Item Shop Cards

When each round ends, you’ll be able to head to the item shop and spend some of the Gold that you’ve acquired from doing battle with the lane creeps, as well as eliminating the opponent’s core heroes (who respawn over time):

Here are all of the item shop upgrades that we currently know of. The list will be updated as more details are provided by Valve.


Item Cost (Gold) Effect
Apotheosis Blade 25 Equipped hero has +8 Attack and +4 Siege.
Assasssin’s Veil 2 Equipped hero has +4 Health.
Blink Dagger 7 Equipped hero has +2 Attack.
Fountain Flask 7 Fully heal a unit.
Golden Ticket 7 Get a random item from the Secret Shop.
hero’s Cape 15 Equipped hero has +16 Health.
Horn of the Alpha 15 Equipped hero has +4 Health.
Keenfolk Musket 7 Equipped hero has +2 Attack.
Keenfolk Plate 8 Equipped hero has +1 Armor. Equipped hero has +1 Armor for each of its attackers.
Leather Armor 3 Equipped hero has +1 Armor.
Phase Boots 6 Equipped hero has +4 Health.
Potion of Knowledge 5 Draw a card.
Red Mist Maul 10 Equipped hero has + 2 Attack and +5 Siege.
Ristul Emblem ? Equipped hero has + 4 Health and -2 Armor. The unit blocking equipped hero has -2 Armor.
Shield of Basilius 8 Equipped hero has + 2 Armor. Equipped hero’s allied neighbors have +1 Armor.
Shiva’s Guard 16 Equipped hero has +2 Armor.
Shop Deed 22 Each item in your Secret Shop costs X less gold, where X is equal to its base cost.
Short Sword 3 Equipped hero has +2 Attack.
Stonehall Cloak 5 Equipped hero has +4 Health. Modify Stonehall Cloak with “Equipped hero has +2 Health” after the combat phase.
Stonehall Pike 6 Equipped hero has +2 Attack. Modify Stonehall Pike with “Equipped hero has +1 Attack” after the combat phase.
Town Portal Scroll 3 Return an allied hero to the Fountain.
Traveler’s Cloak 3 Equipped hero has +4 Health.
Vesture of the Tyrant 19 Equipped hero has +3 Armor and Rapid Deployment. Your tower has +3 Armor.

That wraps up the first edition of our guide to all of Artifact’s cards. As soon as new ones are revealed, we’ll update this article!

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