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Balance changes will see 7 cards nerfed in patch 6.1.3 – Hearthstone


Big changes in the pipeline for some old – and new – favourites.

Blizzard has announced plans to nerf a number of Hearthstone cards that it feels currently unbalance the game and make tournament and ladder play less fun.

The changes are coming with Patch 6.1.3 and the following cards will be affected.

Rockbiter Weapon will now cost two Mana instead of one. Tunnel Trogg and Totem Golem were considered for the nerfbat, but they’ll be rotating out of Standard relatively soon.

Tuskarr Totemic: In future, this card will only be capable of summoning the Shaman’s basic Hero Power totems. No more free Mana Tide Totems or Totem Golems for you.

Call of the Wild: You’ll now need to spend nine Mana to cast this incredibly powerful Hunter spell. Not an unexpected nerf by any means.

Execute: Too cheap, according to Blizzard, and so when the patch lands this card will be increased in cost from one Mana to two.

Charge: Cheaper in the new patch, but minions given the effect will only be able to attack other minions – not the enemy Hero – on the turn it’s granted.

Abusive Sergeant: A stat nerf here, with the minion’s own attacking power reduced from two down to one.

Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End: Yogg’s the last card up for a reworking. Quite simply, if this minion casts a spell that destroys, silences or transforms it – or returns it to your hand – then the spellcasting series stops dead in its tracks. In another upcoming patch, any Overload penalties caused by the spell flurry will be correctly applied to Yogg’s owner.

Blizzard hasn’t provided a firm release date for the patch, but states it will go live before the Last Call events for the Hearthstone Championship Tour.

What do you make of the changes? Too far? Not enough? Let us know what you make of all this in the comments as always.

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