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Best RAM-7 Loadout for Warzone


We'll help you batter the enemy.

The RAM-7 Assault Rifle was brought about in Season 3 of Warzone’s Battle Pass, but what’s the best loadout for the job?

Of course, if you haven’t unlocked this weapon just yet, check out our page on how to unlock the Ram-7 in Warzone. It’s a special task that’s easier in Multiplayer, but not impossible.

Best RAM-7 Loadout for Warzone

The RAM-7 isn’t one of the most commonly chosen weapons, but if the Grau 5.56 is hit with a nerf, it’ll see a lot more experimentation. Here’s the attachments you should be going for with the RAM-7:

  • Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel – FSS Ranger
  • Optic – Scout Combat Optic
  • Ammunition – 50 Round Mags
  • Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape

This loadout should give you high power at range whilst not sacrificing mobility too badly. The Suppressor and Barrel both keep you damaging faraway enemies, and the Scout Combat Optic (or whatever optic you choose) will help a lot with aiming.

Don’t be afraid to switch out the optic though! If you’re confident with the gun’s iron sights, feel free to sub in a Commando Foregrip to help recoil control that extra bit more.

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Here’s how the rest of our RAM-7 Loadout looks:

  • Secondary weapon – RPG-7
  • Perk 1 – Cold Blooded
  • Perk 2 – Ghost
  • Perk 3 – Amped
  • Lethal – C4
  • Tactical – Heartbeat Sensor

Of course, Ghost is an amazing perk and should be used if possible, but if you want, create a loadout with Overkill and an SMG as your secondary – especially if you plan on rushing down enemies and assaulting buildings.

Amped will help you in many ways, most notably helping your weapon swap speed, but it’ll also let you use your Lethal equipment slightly faster, so don’t discount that little bonus.

Now the RAM-7 is in your loadouts, check out more of our Warzone guides! We have advice on Warzone crossplay, as well as a guide on how to unlock akimbo dual-wielding.

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