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Borderlands 3: How to get and farm the Lyuda Legendary weapon


Here's how to get your hands on the Lyuda sniper rifle.

Our Borderlands 3 Lyuda guide will explain how to get the Lyuda Legendary weapon and the best places to farm for it.

In a game filled with billions of guns, there’s bound to be one that trumps them all. Despite Borderlands 3 having only released a couple of weeks ago, the Legendary Lyuda sniper rifle seems to fit the description.

It’s an automatic sniper that rattles off shots at an outrageous pace, with obscene damage numbers to boot. In true Borderlands fashion, you can get the Lyuda in all-manner of varieties and from a number of different sources.

Below we’ll explain how you can get the Lyuda sniper as a guaranteed reward, or how to farm for the weapon if you that’s your bag.

Borderlands 3: How to get the Lyuda Legendary weapon

One way to get the Lyuda is by completing a quest and receiving it as a guaranteed reward, while the other involves farming at a specific location for a chance at getting it as random drop.

How to get the Lyuda as a guaranteed quest reward

To get the Lyuda as a guaranteed quest reward, you need to complete Zer0’s questline “Target of Opportunity” which becomes available once you’ve finished the Borderlands 3 campaign.

Once you’ve finished the Borderlands 3 campaign, Zer0’s questline will automatically be added to your to-do list. You don’t need to talk to him to activate it, just crack on with the quest and he’ll drop you a message once you’ve ticked it off.

Zer0’s quest involves taking out 10 targets across the universe. Once you’ve defeated them all, check your inbox for a message entitled “All Killed” to collect your Lyuda!

Here’s a list of all the enemy locations:

Credit goes to for all the images below.

1. Hot Karl – Pandora – Devil’s Razor

Hot Karl spawns on this sliver of land in Devil’s Razor. Chuck a few grenades his way to overcome the huge shield he’s wielding, or try and get behind him with a shotgun to burst him down quickly.

2. DJ DeadSk4G – Pandora – The Splinterlands

You’ll find DJ DeadSk4G right in the thick of this bandit camp in The Splinterlands. Again, keep an eye out for his unique name tag and he’s beefy shield.

3. Crushjaw – Pandora – Cathedral of the Twin Gods

Crushjaw’s hanging out in the centre of the Cathedral of the Twin Gods, on the bottom floor. He’s got a large shield and likes to get up close and personal, so keep your distance!

4. Baron Noggin – Promethea – Meridian Metroplex

Baron Noggin can be found in his own little hideaway deep in the Meridian Metroplex.

5. Handsome Jackie – Promethea – Skywell-27

Handsome Jackie will spawn out of a porter loo located in the area of Skywell-27 highlighted below.

6. Judge Hightower and his Gang – Promethea – Lectra City

For this one, make sure you eliminate Judge Hightower and the rest of the gang. It’s easy to walk away without realising you need to eliminate his cronies too.

Be aware that these enemies will only during or after the Side Mission “Kill Killavolt”.

7. Sky Bullies – Eden 6 – The Anvil

This one’s similar to the Judge Hightower battle. Make sure you clear the area of the Sky Bullies to tick this one off.

8. Heckle and Hyde – Eden 6 – Jakobs Estate

Enter the marked area and both of these enemies will spawn in.

9. Psychobillies – Eden 6 – Ambermire

These guys are all holed up in a cave, so splash damage will work nicely here!

10. Sylestro and Atomic – Nekrotafeyo – Tazender Ruins

Sylestro’s a big lad, while Atomic is super fast. We’d recommend focusing on Sylestro first, before moving onto Atomic as you might become so preoccupied with taking down the nippy Atomic you’ll get downed by Sylestro before you know it.

If you want a quick rundown of the weapon and to see all of these locations in action, make sure you give this video by WiLLiSGaming a watch.

Other essential Borderlands 3 guides:

How to farm for the Lyuda

There’s another way to get the Lyuda and it involves farming The Graveward boss at the end of the Floating Tomb area on Eden 6. When the game first launched there was a much higher drop chance, but it’s since been nerfed, meaning you’ll need to grind it out if you want to get lucky.

Ideally, you’ll want to farm the Graveward once you’ve completed the main campaign as you’ll be a high level with weaponry that’ll take it down pretty quickly. Simply fast travel to the Floating Tomb on Eden 6, jump down and focus fire on his large yellow weak spot.

Once you’ve defeated the Graveward, quit your game, load back in and repeat the process.

Here’s N0MMS with a quick runthrough of the fight:

If you want more Borderlands 3 guide goodness, make sure you have a read through our Guardian Rank and Anointed Gear guides!

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