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Brawl Stars: How to get Gems and Coins


Everything you need to know about getting more of these vital currencies.

This Brawl Stars guide explains how to get more gems and coins for free or from the shop, and explains how to spend them efficiently.

Gems are one of the most important currencies you can get your hands on in Brawl Stars, allowing you to buy new Brawl Boxes and Key Doublers, and also grab new skins for your favourite Brawlers so that they stand out a little more in battle.

There are also Coins which are needed if you want to upgrade your favourite Brawlers. The higher the level you want to take a particular Brawler, the more expensive it becomes and so it’s important to identify favourites quickly and focus on levelling them up.

When you’re done here, make sure to check out our essential guide to getting more Tokens and Star Tokens in Brawl Stars – it’ll help you earn them much more quickly!

In this article, we’re going to outline all of the currently known methods for getting more Gems and Coins in Brawl Stars. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll have answers to the following questions:

  • How do I get free Gems?
  • How do I purchase Gems?
  • What can I buy with Gems?
  • How can I get free Coins?
  • How do I level up Brawlers with Coins?

If you’re ready to get the answers on all these questions and more, here’s everything you need to know about both of these currency systems.

How to get free Gems in Brawl Stars

As Brawl Stars is a free to play game, you should not be surprised to learn that it’s considerably easier to buy Gems than it is to unlock them through gameplay alone.

It is possible to unlock lots of free Gems just by playing the game, however. Here are all of the methods that we currently know about:

  • Brawl Boxes – Just by playing the game you’ll gain a certain number of Gems from the bog-standard Brawl Boxes. If you’ve played the game enough to earn 100 Tokens, you’ll get a Brawl Box.
  • Daily Rewards – Brawl Boxes also feature in this system, and so if you’re logging in regularly you’re slowly working towards getting more Gems as well.
  • Trophy Road – As you unlock Trophies and hit certain Trophy milestones, it’s possible to receive more free Gems as part of the reward system.

Those are the methods, then, of getting free Gems in Brawl Stars, but how do you get more of them a little faster? While there are no secret tricks, we can give you some tips that should make life a lot easier for you:

  • Play the game: As simple as that sounds, regular players will find themselves building up a decent collectin of Gems just by levelling up and picking up rewards through the Trophy system which we’ve outlined above.
  • Use Token Doublers: When you make use of a Token Doubler you’ll earn twice as many Tokens in each match you play. The more Tokens you get, the more Brawl Boxes you can buy – don’t forget either that you can gain other rewards from opening Brawl Boxes as well.
  • Weekend Events: Token Doublers become even more useful when you play the game on the weekend, and in the special events that are held during these times. Use your Tickets as a betting currency while the Token Doubler is active, and you’ll receive twice as many Tokens as you otherwise would. You then have a much bigger stash to invest in Brawl Boxes, which again contain all those lovely rewards you’re after – including (potentially) Gems.
  • Use Gems efficiently: Concentrate your spending on Token Doubles and Tickets using the methods above and you’ll see a better return in the long run. Of course, the better you can perform in the Weekend Events the more rewards you’ll receive, so experienced players will find this method much more effective. Hold back on spending what you have until you feel confident in your Brawl Stars abilities.


You will not have to look far on the internet to find plenty of people promising Gem hacks for Brawl Stars.

All Gem transactions – whether buying or spending – are handled by Supercell’s secure servers, and it is not possible to hack your way to a higher Gem stash.

We highly recommend you avoid making use of any hacks or downloadable tools for Brawl Stars, and never give your log-in or financial information to anyone who asks for it in exchange for more Gems.

If you do so, you risk being ripped off, suffer some form of identity theft, or just flat out find yourself banned by Supercell for exploiting any mechanic that does actually work. It’s just not worth it in the long run.

Purchasing Gems in Brawl Stars

Assuming you’ve exhausted your sources of free Gems, the most straightforward way of getting more Gems in Brawl Stars quickly is to pick them up from the in-app purchase store.

This, of course, involves you spending real money, but if you have deep pockets there’s no limit to the number of Gems you can acquire in this fashion.

In App Purchases

At the time of publishing this article, Gems were available to buy in the following bundles and at the following prices:

  • 30 Gems: $1.99
  • 80 Gems: $4.99
  • 170 Gems: $9.99
  • 360 Gems: $19.99
  • 950 Gems: $49.99
  • 2,000 Gems: $99.99

As you can see from the table above, you get more Gems per dollar the larger the bundle you opt for. If you plan to buy Gems regularly, then it makes sense to buy larger bundles at a time, assuming you have the funds to do so!

Special Offers

As you level up in the game, you’ll reach certain thresholds which allow you to take part in special price promotions. Just keep in mind that these are one-time events, and you’ll only be able to purchase these offers for a certain amount of time after hitting each milestone.

  • Level 5: 1 Mega Box and 80 Gems – $1.99
  • Level 10: 1 Mega Box and 170 Gems – $4.99
  • Level 25: 3 Mega Box and 350 Gems – $9.99
  • Level 35: 5 Mega Box and 360 Gems – $19.99

When compared with the usual in-app purchase prices we’ve listed above, you’ll see that there are big Gem per dollar gains to be had when taking advantage of these milestone offers. Whereas 80 Gems usually cost $4.99 from the store, you get this many Gems plus a Mega Box for $1.99 at the Level 5 milestone.

Assuming you’re happy with purchasing Gems, it’s well worth planning ahead and taking advantage of these limited offers, rather than going straight to the in-game shop.

What can you buy with Gems?

Once you’ve got your Gems, you have a number of options when it comes to spending them.

Here are some of the most important things you can buy with Gems in Brawl Stars:

  • Brawl Boxes: These are typically stuffed with lots of other useful items, including Coins, Power Points, new character Brawlers, Event Tickets, a Token Doubler and – occasionally – a certain quantity of Gems to help recoup your purchase cost.
  • Individual Items: If you know exactly what you want, you can purchase Coin Packs, Power Points and Token Doublers directly. This removes some of the uncertainty that’s inevitably involved when you spend your Gems on Brawl Boxes.
  • Skins: If you want to kit out one of your favourite Brawlers with a fancy new skin, you can use some of your Gems stash to unlock your cosmetic outfit of choice.

Brawler Offers

You’ll also notice that Brawler Offers appear in the shop from time to time. When these special offers come around, you’ll be able to purchase the highlighted Brawlers using your Gem stash.

Predictably enough, different Brawler rarities require different quantities of Gems to unlock in this fashion. The better the Brawler, the more you’re going to have to shell out if you want to add it to your character collection.

Here are the prices involved, correct at the time of publishing this article:

  • Rare: 30 Gems
  • Super Rare: 80 Gems
  • Epic: 170 Gems
  • Mythic: 350 Gems

Ticket Offers

As with the Brawler Offers, you’ll occasionally see Ticket Offers show up in the shop interface. When that happens you’ll be able to buy Tickets using Gems in the following quantities:

  • 6 Tickets: 10 Gems
  • 20 Tickets: 30 Gems
  • 60 Tickets: 80 Gems

Again, these prices are correct at the time of publishing.

For tips on how to make more efficient use of Tickets, go back up the page to our system on using Ticket Doublers and Tickets to get more Gems.

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