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Bria guide – 2017 – Overwatch


All the gossip surrounding Overwatch's rumoured upcoming hero.

Our Bria guide contains all the latest speculation and rumours surrounding Overwatch’s reported upcoming hero.

Three new heroes are currently in development for Overwatch, if the latest batch of leaks to hit the internet are to be believed that is. Doomfist is reportedly mere days away from hitting the PTR, but there are two other 2017 characters being worked on right now, including a defensively-minded character by the name of Bria.

It’s important to stress that right now every bit of information contained in this article sits entirely in the realm of speculation, and all of the information is based on an unverified source. Even if all this turns out to be true, keep in mind that some of these details are based on pre-release conceptual work by Blizzard, which is subject to change all by itself.

Still, many similar leaks in Overwatch’s recent history have turned out to be correct, and so we wanted to put together a quick article that highlights all of the buzz currently surrounding new hero Bria. We’ll continue updating this guide over time, and will radically overhaul it to more closely resemble our traditional hero guides should this character actually see the light of day!

Heard any more rumours about Bria? Let us know about them in the comments section so we can consider adding them to this speculative round-up of information.

How Bria’s gameplay works

Bria is described in the leak as an “area denial hero”, and has been compared to Mei with a rapid walling ability. Although apparently designed to lock off specific sections of the map to help her team do their thing, she cannot block off multiple routes at the same time.

These walls apparently contain bars which can be electrified when Bria fires off her Ultimate ability.

Bria’s design concept

If the leaks are to be believed, Bria will be the smallest hero yet to be released for Overwatch. She’s styled as a steampunk-esque teenager with a wrist-based computer and a blue / yellow styling.

Bria’s release date

Bria is reported to still be in the conceptual phase within Blizzard, but is very close to entering proper testing. This hero is reportedly due to be released for Overwatch during the third quarter of 2017.

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