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Call of Duty Blackout: Best attachments


Our guide to the best attachments to choose in Blackout.

Our guide to all of Blackout attachments, covers Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles, DMRs, Shotguns, Pistols and Light Machine Guns.

Looting a strong weapon in Blackout is great and all, but you’ll want to slap on a few attachments to bring out its true potential. This rings true for practically all the weapons you’ll pick up, as even attaching a scope and a stock can elevate your gun to new heights.

If you’re a newcomer though, the wealth of attachments in-game can be pretty overwhelming. It’s not immediately obvious what half of them do, making it tricky to make a decision when you’ve got two similar attachments staring you in the face.

In this article, we’re going to run you through all of the attachments in the game and provide our take on which ones you should be sticking on your guns. Once you’ve had a read of this article, we hope you’ll come away more confident in your decision-making process when it comes to slotting on attachments.

All Attachments List

Here’s a list of all the attachments available in Blackout.


Attachment Description
Compact Scope Aiming down sights to switch between 1.5x and 4.0x levels
Dual Zoom Aiming down sights to switch between 1.5x and 3.0x zoom levels
ELO Clear open sights with a lens projected dot
Fast Lock Rockets lock on to target faster
Holographic Sight Wide view with 2.0x magnification and a fine point circular reticle
Recon Force 2.0x Enhanced Zoom. Biometric targeting confirmation and periphery enemy detection
Red Dot Multi-Zoom Magnification Optic
Reflex Precision red dot sight with 1.5x magnification
Tritium Sight Clear open sights with an illuminating post

Other Attachments

Attachment Description
ADS Reloader Reload faster and while aiming
Advanced Mags Reload faster and gives more ammo
AP Rounds Destroys enemy armour, increases damage to equipment and vehicles
Choked Barrel Increased hip fire accuracy for Shotgun spread
Extended Mags Increased mag size and ammo capacity
Fast Mags Reload faster
Grip Reduces recoil, reduces recoil the longer you hold down the trigger
Laser Sight Increased hip-fire accuracy
Long Barrel Decreases weapon damage drop-off at range
Quickdraw Increase ADS speed
Speed Rechamber Rapid fire, exclusively for shotguns
Stabiliser Reduces weapon sway while aiming, hold breath for longer
Stock Increased movement speed while ADS, move faster while aiming, crouched or prone
Suppressor Your gunfire is muffled and will not appear on minimap, slightly reduces weapon range

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What attachments should I be equipping?

When it comes to optics, it’s largely what you’re most comfortable with, but move on over to the other attachments and there are some which you’ll want to equip no matter what. Below we’ll break down some of our favourites.

  • Holographic – The humble Reflex keeps things simple and provides a clear sight for short to mid-range fights.
  • Scopes – You can’t really go wrong on the scopes front. If you’ve got an Assault Rifle, DMR or Sniper Rifle equipped then they’ll all provide great clarity for mid to long range engagements.
  • Fast Mags – Having significantly faster reload speeds can make all the difference in intense fights.
  • Stabiliser – Reduced weapon sway and increased lung capacity makes sniping a little more comfortable.
  • Stock – You can’t go wrong with increased movement speeds all-round as it’ll allow you to traverse the map, get out of trouble and close the distance faster. Quicker ADS is also a nice bonus too!

This concludes the first edition of our attachments guide, but we’ll continue tweaking and updating this page as time goes by – stay tuned!

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