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Call of Duty Blackout: Challenges list


Every challenge available to tackle in Call of Duty Blackout.

Our Call of Duty Blackout Challenges page explains how the challenges system works and lists all of the Professional, Survivalist, Heroics and Vehicular challenges in the game.

When it comes to the challenges system in Blackout, turns out it’s actually pretty simple stuff. Unlike Fortnite’s weekly refreshers, Blackout simply has a static list of challenges to tick off as you play the game. As you’d expect, these challenges require things like eliminations with certain weapons, getting wins, equipping certain items and the like.

Many of them are multi-stage affairs, but they tend to boil down to tackling the same objective again, but to a greater degree of achievement. Instead of earning 10 kills, you’ll need to earn 20, for example. It’s the sort of stuff you’re likely to complete naturally over time, but there are quite a few which you will likely want to specifically target for those juicy rewards.

Completing challenges earns you Merits which’ll go towards ranking up your Blackout level and ultimately unlocking some neat Blackout-themed cosmetics. All in all though, these challenges boil down to game time, and you’ll almost certainly work through them without even realising it.

Without further ado, then, here are all the challenges in Blackout.

It’s worth mentioning that this list is likely to grow over time as the game evolves. We’ll endeavour to keep this page bang up to date, so keep this page bookmarked for all the latest updates when they happen!

Did you know there are hidden challenges in Black Ops 4 that grant unique rewards? Our Dark Ops challenges guide explains how they work and detail the various ways you can go about completing them.

Professional and Survivalist Blackout Challenges

All Professional Challenges

Challenge Tier 1 Objective
My First Time Get a Victory
Winner Winner Win 10 times
I’ll Do It Myself Win any Duos or Quads Game as the last player alive on your team 5 times
Solo Victor Get 5 wins in this mode
Duos Victor Get 5 wins in this mode
Quads Victor Get 5 wins in this mode
Solo Conquest Place Top 5 in this mode 10 times
Duos Conquest Place Top 5 in this mode 10 times
Quads Conquest Place Top 5 in this mode 10 times
My Participation Place Top 25 10 times
Unthinking Act of Murder Eliminate 10 enemies
Career Scavenger Scavenge 1,500 items
Professional Mastery Complete all Professional Challenges

All Survivalist Challenges

Challenge Tier 1 Objective
Team Player Revived a squadmate 25 times
Heal Up Use any health item on yourself 100 times
Armored Up Acquire and equip Armour 50 times
Backpacker Collect 50 backpacks
Got the Drop Kill 25 enemies without taking damage from them
Amphibious Assault Eliminate an enemy while underwater 5 times
Getaway Vehicle Escape 10 times from a fight using a vehicle
Perks? Really? Finish a game in the Top 10 with a Perk active 25 times
Equip it and Mint it Eliminate enemies 25 times using Equipment
True Sniper Kill an enemy at long range with a Sniper Rifle 5 times
Roster Update Complete 5 Unlock Missions
One Step Ahead Finish 25 games in the Top 10 without taking damage from the circle
Survivalist Mastery Complete all Survivalist Challenges

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Heroics and Vehicular Blackout Challenges

All Heroics Challenges

Challenge Tier 1 Objective
Destroyer of Vehicles Destroy 10 occupied Vehicles
Revenge is a Dish… Eliminate the enemy that put you in Last Stand 10 times
…Best Served Cold Eliminate the enemy that killed your squadmate and place Top 5 in 5 different games.
This is Just Cruel Win the game without being downed 5 times
Pack Hunter Eliminate 2 or more enemies from the same Squad 5 times
Nope Eliminate the enemy that damaged you 10 times
Path to Peace Win a game with no kills
Keen Focus Eliminate 5 enemies while blinded or concussed
Frantic Defense Take damage while unarmed and kill the attacker 5 times
Get Straight to It Eliminate 2 or more enemies within 30 seconds of deploying 10 times
Clutch Kill an entire enemy Squad single handedly in a Quads match
Masochist Pace in the Top 5 using only the first inventory item picked up
Heroics Mastery Complete all Heroics Challenges

All Vehicular Challenges

Challenge Tier 1 Objective
Destruction Derby Destroy an occupied vehicle with a vehicle 1 times
Just in Time Exit a vehicle that is about to be destroyed by a locked on rocket 5 times
Silent Gliding Travel 10 miles in a Wingsuit
Road Trippin’ Travel 10 miles in a land vehicle
Water Rat Travel 10 miles in a sea vehicle
I Believe I Can Fly Travel 50 miles in a air vehicle
Saw it in the Movies Kill 10 enemies as a passenger of any vehicle
Top Tour Drive or Pilot all vehicle types in a game of Blackout 5 times
Road Rage Run over an enemy with a land vehicle to kill them 5 times
Hijacker Kill 1 or more enemies that are passengers in a land vehicle 5 times
Pirate Kill 1 or more enemies that are passengers in a sea vehicle 5 times
Scoundrel Kill 1 or more enemies that are passengers in an air vehicle 5 times
Vehicular Mastery Complete all Vehicular Challenges

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