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Call of Duty Blackout: How to unlock characters


Every unlockable character in COD Blackout and what you need to do to unlock them.

Our Call of Duty Blackout Characters guide contains all of the unlockable characters in the game, and will be updated with details on how to unlock them with customisation options once the game is released.

Call of Duty’s home to so many titles, it’s practically a household name at this point. We remember legends like Soap MacTavish from back in the day and Blackout lets you play as all your favourites from COD games gone by.

At the time of writing this article, there are currently 29 characters to unlock in total and the process of unlocking characters effectively boils down to three things: ranking up, finding items and performance in matches. For the most sought after characters, you’ll almost always have to grab a special item, perform a special action or two, and follow this all up by placing highly in a match.

Difficulty lies in finding the items required to begin each character’s questline. You’ll either find them in rare Supply Drops which are hard to come by and dangerous to approach, or dropped randomly by zombies or other players. Randomness coupled with risk can make it a nightmare to unlock the character you’re after, so we’ve put togther a guide that’ll hopefully alleviate some of the stress.

Below we’ve put together a list of all the characters in Blackout, along with their unlock requirements. Of course, many questlines are yet to be discovered, so expect some gaps in our list for the time being. As soon as more details swing our way, we’ll make sure to update this page immediately!


Blackout: All Characters List

Below you’ll find a list of all the characters or “specialists” you can unlock in Blackout. We’ll update this section if there are any changes at launch.


  • Battery – Find a War Machine in Supply Drop, Get kills with the War Machine, Place in the Top 15.
  • Ajax
  • Torque – Find the Note from Torgue. Destroy two Razor wires, one Barricade and finish in the Top 15 with the item remaining in your inventory
  • Firebreak – Find the Burned Doll item in Supply Drops and crates, get kills with fire damage and finish the match
  • Crash – Find the Poker Chip, end the match with 15 healing items in your inventory and finish in the top 8
  • Nomad
  • Recon – Loot a Ching Coin from a Supply Box, and keep it until the end of the match. Take zero damage from the storm circle and finish in the Top 15.
  • Ruin
  • Seraph – Find the Annihilator, get kills with the Annihilator, finish in the top 15.
  • Prophet


  • Airborne – Unlocked by reaching Level 60
  • Battle Hardened – Unlocked by reaching Level 80*
  • Frogman – Unlocked by reaching Level 40
  • Mason
  • Menendez – Find the Locket, Kill an enemy with melee, Kill an enemy with a Shotgun, Finish the match.
  • Ranger – Unlocked by reaching Level 20
  • Reznov
  • Seal – Unlocked by reaching Level 80
  • Woods – Find the Bandana, Get in a helicopter during a match, Win the match.


  • Bruno
  • Dempsey – Find the Death Machine, Kill Zombies, Finish in Top 10
  • Diego
  • Nikolai – Find the Cymbal Money, Kill Zombies, Finish in Top 10
  • Richtofen – Find the Ray Gun, Kill Zombies, Finish in Top 5
  • Scarlett – Find the Racing Goggles and Scarf…further steps still unknown.
  • Shadow Man – Provided with the Black Ops Pass
  • Stanton
  • Takeo – Find the Katana, Kill Zombies, Finish in Top 10

Video by Jimmxr

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We’re aware that this list likely isn’t exhaustive, considering the sheer number of characters that span the Call of Duty franchise. With this in mind, we’re absolutely certain that there will be more playable characters on the roster once the full game goes live.

What’s more, GameInformer reports that you’ll unlock characters through finding an item associated with that character. You’ll then need to complete a unique mission related to that character, before finishing in a certain place to finally make them playable.

One example given was the process to unlock the Specialist Battery. To do so, you’ll need to find her special weapon, use it to eliminate some enemies, and then place highly in the final rankings in the same match.

Once we’ve got hold of the finished game we’ll be revamping this page with all the mission requirements and methods to getting each character unlock out of the way with as little fuss as possible – stay tuned!

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