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Call of Duty: Mobile Ranking – How to rank up and grind


All you need to know about ranking up in Call of Duty: Mobile's Battle Pass and standard game modes.

Call of Duty: Mobile has two progression systems: standard levelling and a Battle Pass. Here’s our guide to raising your Call of Duty: Mobile ranking for both.

How to gain Battle Pass ranks in Call of Duty: Mobile

Like many Free to Play games, COD: Mobile plays host to a Battle Pass system. The first season lasts until Sunday 24th November 2019 and you gain tiers through completing various quests in a similar vein to Fortnite.

You also earn more rewards by purchasing the Premium tier, which costs 800 COD Points, equal to around £8. Whenever you purchase this, you receive rewards from the previous Battle Pass ranks you’ve unlocked, and rewards are generally just better and more numerous with the Premium tier.

How do I rank up my Battle Pass?

To level up your Battle Pass you’ll need to complete Battle Pass challenges. Once you complete the challenges, you have to go back to the menus and manually claim your reward, so don’t forget or you won’t unlock your Battle Pass levels!

Navigate through the menus by tapping the highlighted button below.

From there, you’ll find an overview of the Battle pass rewards and two separate rewards menus, circled below.

The one on the left opens the menu for your daily and weekly tasks. You’ll probably have completed a few of these already if you’ve just been playing – they’re basic tasks like ‘kill 2 enemies in Battle Royale’ and ‘Earn 15 medals in Multiplayer matches’. Usually, you can complete them quickly each day to keep your Battle Pass ticking over.

The right hand menu has longer-term tasks with bigger rewards. As you can see by the screenshot below, the reward of 400 Battle Pass points will be enough to rank us up by two tiers from the completion of the single task (the rewards are usually around 400 points).

Sometimes you’ll need to do something different to complete these missions, such as deliberately using a shotgun in a Multiplayer match, but in general you’re not going to find yourself struggling to complete these. It’s worth giving both Multiplayer and Battle Royale a go too, as they both contribute to your Battle Pass progression, and it’s likely the same will be true when Zombies releases.

How to grind levels in Call of Duty: Mobile

There’s no cheat sheet for levelling up in COD: Mobile, but there are a few tips and tricks if you want to get those levelling bonuses.

What’s the fastest way to gain levels in Call of Duty: Mobile?

You receive XP for completing various tasks in COD: Mobile. In regular Multiplayer games, you receive XP for each kill you secure, as well as the amount of time spent in game. This is the basic levelling strategy – just play a lot of games. There are a couple ways to boost your speed though.

Extra points, obviously, come from securing a win. In the screenshot below we got an extra few bonus points for coming away with the victory. Note that the XP gain on the weapons below is not added to your character’s ranking, and is instead there to level up your guns and gain extra attachments for them.

You can also gain a bit of extra XP through creating or joining a Clan, as seen in the screenshot below. This is really easy to do – just tap the ‘CLAN’ button at the bottom of the main menu screen.

What Call of Duty: Mobile rewards can I claim?

Outside of XP and Battle Pass levels, COD: Mobile offers various other bonuses dotted around the game. They’re quite tough to find sometimes, so we’ve put them all here for you.

Weekly Challenges and Limited-Time Events

You can win Credits, cosmetics and loot crates through completing various tasks in COD: Mobile. Click the area of the main menu we’ve circled below to find where to claim them.

Weekly challenges can be found by scrolling to the right in this menu. They’re usually quite simple tasks, and they reset each week for the chance of more rewards. Regular players will be able to rack up a decent number of Credits and loot by completing weekly challenges – just don’t forget to claim them!

Special Events take place throughout the life span of COD: Mobile too. Currently, you can earn cosmetic rewards for contributing to the total number of matches played in COD: Mobile during their Lighting Up The World event, but there will be more events like this in the future.

This menu is also where you’ll find your rewards for collecting ID Tags. ID Tags can be earned through securing kills in Battle Royale and Multiplayer, so just keep playing and hitting shots to start racking them up. You can see the ID Collection leaderboard which shows your current rank, as well as the amount of time left before the ranking rewards are handed out.

Rewards come to your mailbox from ranked matches too. If you play a ranked game on Battle Royale or Multiplayer, keep an eye out for the letter icon on the main menu – you’ll find cosmetics and crates as rewards here.

That’s all for our ranking up guide! If you’re looking for more COD: Mobile help, check out our Call of Duty: Mobile guide hub where we’ve compiled all the information you need to succeed on the battlefield.

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