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Call of Duty: Warzone – Best Loadouts and Attachments


Loadout drops in Warzone can give you the advantage – here are some of the best.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, you’ll be able to collect make your own custom loadouts to buy from Loadout Drops. Here’s some good ones to go for.

Sometimes, Loadout Drops will fall from the sky, or you can purchase markers for $10k from Buy Stations to get them into your current location.

What are the best loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone?

We’ve made these loadouts specifically to work best in Warzone. There’ll be far more long-range engagements than in standard Call of Duty Multiplayer modes, so we’ve adjusted the classes to suit these needs better.

We’re basing each one around a primary weapon type – for more about each weapon check out our Warzone Best Guns page.

The best loadouts are the ones that feel best for you, so if you find a particular gun feels great in your hands, go for it. However, we’ve found decent success with these ones, so it’s well worth giving them a go and iterating as you see fit.

You can jump around the weapon types with the navigation below!

Best Warzone Loadout for a Beginner

We’ve made our picks for the best loadouts in Warzone, including Perks, grenades, and weapon attachments. If you’re new to Modern Warfare you won’t be able to stick attachments on at first, but after a few games you’ll have some gear unlocked.

Weapon Attachments
Primary Weapon: HDR 26.9” HDR Pro Barrel, FTAC Hunter-Scout Stock, 7 Round Mags (9 when you unlock them), Recon
Secondary Weapon: X16 .45 Compact Barrel, 1mW Laser, 10 Round Mags (15 when you unlock them), Lightweight Trigger, Stippled Grip Tape
Perk slot 1 EOD
Perk slot 2 Restock
Perk slot 3 Tune Up
Lethal Claymore
Tactical Stun Grenade

Once you’ve levelled up a little bit, we’d recommend switching out the Restock perk for Overkill, as having a pistol is far less helpful than donning an SMG like the MP7, or an Assault Rifle like the M4A1 or FAL.

With levelling up comes extra benefits too. Thermal scopes are great alongside Smoke Grenades, for example. We’ve got more loadout guides for more advanced classes below too.

Warzone PKM Light Machine Gun Loadout

Light Machine Guns are pretty strong at long ranges, and their large magazine size means you’ll be able to take on several armoured-up foes without having to reload.

Our favourite is the PKM – it’s got a load of power at range and can hold its own close-up too. You’ll need to play with the gun to unlock attachments, but even without them it’s worth giving this weapon a go.

One thing to keep in mind is this gun’s shoddy mobility – you won’t be able to aim down your sights very fast or anything like that. We have done our best to mitigate this with the attachments on this weapon though – feel free to switch out the Reflex sight with a Thermal (or even a Thermal Hybrid) if you’re struggling with range.

The 150 Round Belt is great for spraying down whole squads of enemies without having to reload, but you could always switch to 200 Rounds if it’s not enough. This does notably reduce the gun’s mobility though, so exercise caution. Even though we’ve kitted this gun out for mobility over range, the PKM keeps its damage profile over a long distance regardless, so with a bit of accuracy it’ll serve you well in many scenarios.

Here’s the full loadout:

Weapon Attachments
Primary Weapon: PKM Viper (or any) Reflex Sight, No Stock, Commando Foregrip, 150 Round Belt, Stippled Grip Tape
Secondary Weapon: R9-0 Shotgun Choke, FORGE TAC Sentry Barrel, 1mW Laser, Stippled Grip Tape, Reflex Sight
Perk slot 1 Double Time
Perk slot 2 Overkill
Perk slot 3 Amped
Lethal Molotov Cocktail
Tactical Heartbeat Sensor

The Heartbeat Sensor can save your skin in tight situations when you’re indoors. You can get out your R9-0 and keep tabs on enemy locations near you – intel is vital in Warzone.

Your perks here serve the purpose of mitigating the PKM’s poor mobility. Amped lets you switch between it and your Shotgun super quickly, and Double Time compensates for your slow movement speed and sprint.

With the Choke attached, your R9-0 will have fairly solid range, so remember to get it out when travelling around buildings – you’ll want to aim down sights and react fast.

More Call of Duty: Warzone guides

Warzone M4A1 Assault Rifle Loadout

We’ve got a great class put together for the M4A1. It gives you the flexibility of this fantastic weapon along with the sniping potential of the HDR. The perks facilitate this, with Amped being a particular favourite for shortening that vital weapon swap time when you’re trying to snipe and your squad gets jumped.

This loadout is great for both long-range and close quarters, and the grenades and attachments we’re using reflect this.

Weapon Attachments
Primary Weapon: M4A1 Tactical Suppressor, FSS 14.5” Tac Lite Barrel, Integral Hybrid Optic, Commando Foregrip, 60 Round Mags
Secondary Weapon: HDR Tactical Suppressor, 26.9” HDR Pro Barrel, Thermal Sniper Scope, FTAC Stalker-Scout Stock, 7 Round Mags
Perk slot 1 Cold Blooded
Perk slot 2 Overkill
Perk slot 3 Amped
Lethal Thermite
Tactical Heartbeat Sensor

Cold Blooded is a fantastic option for Warzone. Thermal scopes are extremely fashionable in Warzone at the moment, thanks to their ability to help you hugely with target acquisition, so Cold Blooded will make you super elusive to your enemies.

Obviously, Overkill is here so you can get your HDR, but if you’d prefer to loot a sniper from an enemy, feel free to run Ghost – the other best perk in the game that’ll keep you off UAV and Heartbeat Sensors.

Our equipment is great for a mobile playstyle. Stick someone with a Thermite and their armour will shred at a super fast rate, and it works great to force the enemy to avoid a certain area for a while. The Heartbeat Sensor is astoundingly powerful for finding enemy locations. Just keep in mind the potential for your foes to run Ghost too, especially in solos.

Warzone MP7 Submachine Gun Loadout

The MP7 is up there with the best guns in Warzone, so of course we’ve put together a loadout to utilise it. We’ve paired it with Overkill to get a sniper in there too, but don’t worry if you’d prefer to just loot one. If this is the case, just run Ghost instead.

The MP7 is a powerhouse in close quarters. Paired with its large magazine size and ability to completely drop enemies with its huge damage-per-second, the MP7 is also extremely mobile, meaning you’ll be able to dip in and out of cover with ease against more cumbersome enemy weapons.

We’ve kitted this class out for speed too, so you’ll be able to maximise your mobility during the late-game when the circle gets smaller.

Weapon Attachments
Primary Weapon: MP7 Monolithic Suppressor, FSS STRIKE Barrel, No Stock, 60 Round Mags, Stippled Grip Tape
Secondary Weapon: AX-50 Monolithic Suppressor, Singuard Arms Pro Barrel, Tac Laser, Singuard Arms Assassin Stock, Stippled Grip Tape
Perk slot 1 Double Time
Perk slot 2 Overkill
Perk slot 3 Amped
Lethal Thermite
Tactical Heartbeat Sensor

We adore the way this weapon handles. It just absolutely destroys enemies, is super snappy to aim down sights, and even has decent range (if you can control the recoil) thanks to the FSS STRIKE Barrel and Monolithic Suppressor. The suppressor also keeps you off the enemy’s radar when firing, ensuring you don’t get third partied, absolutely vital when you’re patching up after a tough team fight.

Of course, our AX-50 choice here is up to preference – some like the HDR more – but especially earlier on in games you’ll want a sniper rifle handy to take out foes from a long way away. You don’t want to be left in the dust with nothing but an SMG to your name. It’s kitted out for fast, snappy aiming down sights too, so if your quickscoping is up to scratch you’ll be able to easily carry out some close range kills.

Warzone AX-50 Sniper Loadout

It’s always good to have a sniper rifle on hand. For this class, we’ve chosen the AX-50, but the HDR is just as useful if you’re looking for high-powered one shot headshots. It comes down to personal preference. This loadout is for if you’re looking to go all-in on sniping, so don’t expect it to be as versatile as the other classes with snipers as secondary weapons. We’re going for range, Ghost, and all the trimmings, with a pistol backing you up.

Remember – you can always pick up an alternative weapon if the secondary isn’t doing it for you. There’s SMGs and ARs all over the map, and you can obviously grab enemy guns once they’re dead.

The AX-50 is kitted out to be as invisible as possible, with maximum stability. The Monolithic Suppressor increases your range whilst keeping you off the enemy radar, and the 9 Round Mags lets you keep popping shots off without having to reload as often.

Of course, this gun’s mobility is abysmal, so we only recommend this class if you’re feeling like going absolutely all-in on a sniper. If you’re doing that, then this’ll be a fun one.

Weapon Attachments
Primary Weapon: AX-50 Monolithic Suppressor, Singuard Arms Pro Barrel, Thermal Dual Power Scope, Singuard Arms Marksman, 9 Round Mags
Secondary Weapon: .357 .357 Long Barrel, 1mW Laser, Snake Shot, Stippled Grip Tape, Sleight of Hand
Perk slot 1 Cold Blooded
Perk slot 2 Ghost
Perk slot 3 Shrapnel
Lethal Proximity Mine
Tactical Smoke Grenade

Your secondary weapon here is the .357 Pistol with the Snake Shot ammunition. This makes it a pretty solid shotgun, and the Long Barrel and 1mW Laser both give you a little more leeway with hitting targets.

Proximity Mines let you hunker down in a building much more easily too, and even if the enemy is armoured and isn’t killed by the Mine, you’ll get a hit marker for recon and the foe’s health will stay low for longer before regeneration. Shrapnel gives you two of these as well, giving you extra cover for more routes of entry, and you can always bamboozle your enemies with a Smoke Grenade before using your Thermal scope to take them out.

If you don’t happen to have every single one of our recommended attachments, don’t worry. You want to be using the weapons you’re trying to level up anyway, so eventually they’ll be kitted out.

We’ve got all sorts of other guides for Call of Duty: Warzone too – we’ve got a page explaining how Armour Plating works, as well as help on respawning in the Gulag after death.

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