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Call of Duty: WW2 – Hardpoint guide


Tips and tricks to help you capture the objective.

Our Call of Duty: WW2 – Hardpoint guide contains tips, tricks and strategy advice to help you out on the battlefield.

Hardpoint is very similar to the mode Headquarters from past Call of Duty games, but respawning is always enabled, even if your team is holding the objective – this makes it far more chaotic. Your objective then, is to capture and hold certain zones which constantly rotate around the map. It’s absolute anarchy half the time and feels more like war than the War game mode itself sometimes.

Hardpoint’s the one game mode we really struggled with at first, and that’s due to its frenetic pace and ultimate reliance on surviving frequent assaults. You’ve got to master capturing an objective and holding one, which are both very different skills. Needless to say, it certainly honed our shooting skills and positional awareness.

Now that we’ve spent quite a bit of time getting to know Hardpoint, we’ve put together a number of tips and tricks which should help you get up and running with this mode.

Head back to our main Call of Duty: WW2 multiplayer guide for expert insight on every other area of the competitive game!

How does Hardpoint Work?

Basic Outline

  • Two teams of 12 players.
  • Zones or “Hardpoints” spawn around the map and last for a limited amount of time.
  • Teams fight over control of these zones.
  • A point is granted every second a single team is present in the Hardpoint.
  • Players are able to respawn throughout the match.
  • Holding the Hardpoint increases the teams’ score, but if no players are present on the Hardpoint, then no points are earned.
  • If two opposing teams are tussling over a Hardpoint, it will be marked as “Contested”.
  • The score limit is 250.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the match wins.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you’re new to Hardpoint, prepare yourself for a tough time initially. There’s a lot going on and you may find that you’re dying more often than not. Don’t worry about it – you’ll improve!
  • Make sure you’re equipping the right weapon for that map. If it’s a close knit affair, an SMG might come in handy, while a sniper rifle should do the job in a vast open map.
  • Always keep an eye on the HUD as it’ll tell you where the Hardpoint is located and if it’s occupied by the enemy.
  • You’ll want to forget about your kill-death ratio if you want to win, and focus on capturing and holding the objective.
  • When going for the Hardpoint, ensure that you’re not running headlong towards a group of enemies. Always attempt to find a flanking route if possible.
  • Once you’ve captured an objective, make sure that you stay on it to start racking up those points.
  • If you’ve just captured the objective, try your absolute best to survive for as long as possible. It may sound strange, but treat it as a death sentence that you’re trying to delay. It’s inevitable that you’re going down, just try and stop it from happening as best you can.
  • We found it’s okay to back off the point temporarily if you sense that enemies are inbound, so you can attempt to contest it without giving them the advantage.
  • In order to capture the Hardpoint you don’t need to get straight into the center of the objective. Skirt the outside if that’ll give you a positional advantage.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but we’ll continue to update this guide with further strategy advice as we get more hands on time with Hardpoint. Keep this article on your radar for more tips and tricks soon!

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