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Call of Duty: WW2 – Search and Destroy guide


Strategy advice to get you started with Search and Destroy.

Our Call of Duty: WW2 – Search and Destroy guide contains tips, tricks and strategy advice to ensure you’re always coming out on top.

Easily the most intense game mode in Call of Duty: WW2, Search and Destroy sees teams fight to either detonate or defuse a bomb. Attackers must either eliminate all the defenders or plant the bomb successfully and defend it until the timer ticks down. Defenders must put a stop to the attackers, either by taking them all out before they can plant the bomb, or defusing it under their noses.

Search and Destroy is also the most punishing game type of them all, as once you’re eliminated then you’ll have to sit out the remainder of the round. This means that it also plays very differently to modes where you’re constantly respawning and requires a certain level of practice to succeed.

Thankfully we’re here to help you get started with Search and Destroy. Scroll down and you’ll find a number of tips and tricks to ensure that you’re going into this game mode with some essential knowledge. We’ll continuously update this guide as we get more hands on time with the game, so keep this page bookmarked for more in depth strategy advice in the future.

Head back to our main Call of Duty: WW2 multiplayer guide for expert insight on every other area of the competitive game!

How does Search and Destroy Work?

Basic Outline

  • Two teams of 6 players.
  • One team attacks and the other defends.
  • The first team to win 4 rounds, wins the match.
  • Attackers can win the round by eliminating all the defenders or successfully planting and detonating the bomb.
  • Defenders can win the round by eliminating all the attackers or successfully defusing the bomb.
  • The bomb takes 20 seconds to explode.
  • It takes around 2-3 seconds to plant the bomb.
  • Defusing the bomb takes around 4-5 seconds.
  • After each round there’s an intermission and the teams swap roles.
  • If you’re eliminated during a round you won’t respawn until the next round.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try and match your equipment to the map you’re playing on. If it’s a pretty close quarters affair then it’s worth equipping a submachine gun or shotgun. Otherwise, if it’s a vast open space, a sniper rifle or semi-automatic will do you wonders.
  • As Search and Destroy is a more measured affair, consider experimenting with what grenades and secondary weapons you’ll be bringing into the fray. Mines, suppressors and other Basic Training perks suddenly become infinitely more useful in this mode.
  • Talking of suppressors, we highly recommend slapping one on if you’re using the Airborne Division. It means you won’t show up as a red dot on the radar when you shoot, and in Search and Destroy this proves to be invaluable when you’ve only got one life per round.
  • Try and adopt a mindset where every corner you turn could present a new threat. This means you’ll be more alert and ready for a sudden showdown if you brush shoulders with the enemy.
  • We recommend dipping into Team Deathmatch or other modes where you’re constantly respawning before heading into Search and Destroy. This is primarily so you can gain an understanding of each map.
  • When attempting to defuse the bomb, make sure you’ve checked the area extensively and also looked at how many of the enemy are alive. If you’ve got support, wait for them to move up or flush out the enemy before going for the defuse.
  • Check your corners! As it’s Search and Destroy, expect members of the enemy team to sit in pesky spots.
  • It’s important not to rush in unless you’ve got a clear strategy in mind. Being patient is important when you’ve only got one life.
  • On the other hand, rushing in with giddy abandon can certainly take your enemies by surprise.
  • If you’ve managed to plant the bomb, find a defensive position to hold instead of running off in search of the enemy as they could defuse it right under your nose if you’re not careful!
  • Again, if you’ve planted the bomb and you’re engaged in a battle with the enemy – stay alive. As long as you’re a presence near the bomb, you’re forcing them to make a tough decision between going for the defuse early or leaving it until the last minute. In other words – it’s your situation to lose.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but we’ll continue to update this guide with further strategy advice as we get more hands on time with Search and Destroy. Keep this article on your radar for more tips and tricks soon!

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