Capture the Flag to be expanded and made permanent – Overwatch


A total of 12 maps will be available for the new game mode.

Capture the Flag [CTF] will become a permanent mode in Overwatch, albeit one that’s limited to the Arcade section of the game.

The news was confirmed in the latest PTR patch notes, and follows the enthusiastic response from the communtiy to the Capture the Rooster event featured in the current Year of the Rooster celebration.

There’ll be lots more new maps to choose from when setting up future CTF games as well! All of the Control maps will be available for the mode, which means there’ll be a dozen spaces in total across Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Ilios and Oasis.

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Once we’ve had a chance to explore the new maps on the PTR, we’ll update our battleground guides to ensure they’ve got everything you need to smash the competition with.

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