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Card Reveal – Nithogg – Descent of Dragons


30-50 Feral Nithoggs.

Here’s the brand new Shaman Legendary card: Nithogg.

geeksplatform has been given exclusive early access to a brand new card from the upcoming Descent of Dragons expansion: Nithogg.

Appropriately, this Shaman Legendary is a Dragon, and its Battlecry summons two 0/3 Eggs. Unlike previous Egg minions, Nithogg’s ones don’t hatch with a Deathrattle. Instead, you’ll have to get them to survive for a turn, before they hatch into 4/4 Drakes with Rush.

Here’s what the card will look like, complete with big scary lightning bolts and surprisingly buff shoulder muscles.

Occupying the 6 mana slot, the 5/5 stat line isn’t particularly impressive. However, your opponent has to deal with this, as well as an immediate 6 extra health in the form of the summoned Eggs. If they don’t get rid of them sharpish, they’ll be dealing with a whole lot more the following turn.

You’ll struggle to play this minion from a losing position, since if your enemy has an existing board presence, they’ll just kill your eggs with ease. That said, a 6 mana 5/11 isn’t awful, but you’d much prefer to let those eggs hatch. Playing Nithogg on an empty board seems like a far better shout, since your opponent will be too scared to play anything that’ll get killed by your 4/4 Drakes with Rush.

It’s like having a couple of soft Taunt minions – your opponent really wants to get rid of them, otherwise you’ve just played yourself a 6 mana 13/13 (8/8 of which has Rush), which is pretty ridiculous.

It’s a token generator too, meaning it’ll synergise well with the current crop of wide-board cards. Bloodlust and Vessina are pretty scary prospects for your opponent, and we’ll be crafting up some spicy decks to make full use of this. The sheer number of Dragons coming up in this set make us hopeful a Dragon Shaman deck will work, but we’ll be keeping a close eye out until release.

Check out the card in action below:

Descent of Dragons will release on Tuesday 10th December. We’ll be building ourselves some decks for the upcoming expansion, as well as working hard to keep you updated on the latest goings-on. Until then, why not check out our Hearthstone Battlegrounds guides, like our Hero Tier List or our Tips and Tricks?

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