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Counters guide – Overwatch


How to directly counter every Hero you'll run up against in Overwatch.

The most important issue for any Overwatch player who suddenly finds themselves hitting a brick wall in match after match, will be to find out which Heroes are best at countering the other Heroes in the wider pool. The game is designed from the ground up to support this philosophy, after all, with individual characters representing solutions to the particular problem posed by the others.

When you have this kind of knowledge to hand, it can make it much easier to deal with a specific threat that’s stopping your team from making progress. If you can make the right switch and deal with the threat, after all, you will make a massive difference to your team’s fortunes. This is particularly important in the random queue, where you’ll often see people repeating the same mistake in battle, and falling to the same defensive setup.

To help you out, we’ve pulled data together from a number of different sources in order to determine our breakdown of who counters who in Overwatch. For a start, there’s the official information released by Blizzard, such as the Hero cards which outline how each character, broadly speaking, is designed on paper to nullify a specific counter-threat. Then there’s our own experience from the live game since launch along with the aggregated opinions of some of the world’s best players.

The end result should be a pretty solid, at-a-glance, understanding of which characters you might like to consider swapping into if you’re struggling to make meaningful progress on any given objective. As the metagame evolves over time, and new character combos and strategies emerge, these rankings are going to change a little – it’s never going to be as tic-tac-toe as the table below might suggest, and that’s what will keep Overwatch exciting in the long-term.

We’ll be updating this list regularly, so keep us bookmarked and make sure you check out the individual Hero guides we’ve linked to as well. Not only do they contain a huge amount of insight into how to play each character to an extremely high standard, they also go into a little more detail about just why these match-ups and counters are so effective. A little knowledge goes a long way in Overwatch…

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Overwatch Hero counters – July 2016

Here’s a breakdown of every single Hero in Overwatch, along with their details of who they are both strong and weak against. We’re focusing on the top three in both categories here, but there are obviously shades of grey to be considered among the entire Hero roster.

Our most popular Overwatch articles:

Hero Strong against Weak against Guide
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Mercy Reaper
Zenyatta Tracer
Bastion counters Mercy Genji Bastion guide
Reinhardt Tracer
Winston Widowmaker
D.Va counters Pharah Mei D.Va guide
Reinhardt Symmetra
Widowmaker Zenyatta
Genji counters Bastion Mei Genji guide
Mercy Zarya
Torbjorn Winston
Hanzo counters Bastion D.Va Hanzo guide
Torbjorn Tracer
Widowmaker Widowmaker
Junkrat counters Bastion McCree Junkrat guide
Mei Pharah
Torbjorn Widowmaker
Lucio counters D.Va Mei Lucio guide
Reaper McCree
Winston Pharah
McCree counters Reaper Genji McCree guide
Tracer Soldier: 76
Winston Widowmaker
Mei counters Genji Junkrat Mei guide
Winston Pharah
Tracer Widowmaker
Mercy counters McCree Mercy guide
Pharah counters Bastion McCree Pharah guide
Junkrat Roadhog
Mei Soldier: 76
Reaper counters Bastion Junkrat Reaper guide
Mei McCree
Winston Pharah
Reinhardt counters Soldier: 76 Reaper Reinhardt guide
Torbjorn Roadhog
Widowmaker Symmetra
Roadhog counters Pharah D.Va Roadhog guide
Reinhardt Genji
Tracer Reaper
Soldier: 76 counters Mercy Genji Soldier: 76 guide
Pharah Mei
Torbjorn Tracer
Symmetra counters Bastion Junkrat Symmetra guide
D.Va Pharah
Reinhardt Roadhog
Torbjorn counters Genji Junkrat Torbjorn guide
Lucio Pharah
Tracer Widowmaker
Tracer counters Bastion McCree Tracer guide
Mercy Mei
Widowmaker Soldier: 76
Widowmaker counters Bastion D.Va Widowmaker guide
Torbjorn Genji
Pharah Winston
Winston counters Genji McCree Winston guide
Hanzo Mei
Widowmaker Reaper
Zarya counters D.Va Pharah Zarya guide
Genji Roadhog
Winston Reaper
Zenyatta counters D.Va Hanzo Zenyatta guide
Roadhog Tracer
Winston Widowmaker

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