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CS:GO’s latest patch adds two new maps and tweaks Vertigo


Say hello to Ruby and Workout.

CS:GO’s latest patch has introduced two new maps: Ruby, a bomb defusal map set in a scenic town in Portugal, and Workout which is a community-favourite hostage rescue map.

Valve confirms that Workout is already available in Competitive matchmaking, while Ruby will be added to the Competitive pool at a later date.

With two new maps making their way into CS:GO, this means players will have to say goodbye to two other community created maps: Abbey and Biome.

Elsewhere, more map changes are in store for the Competitive-minded. Vertigo has received a huge number of smaller updates, with a reworked T spawn and flattened bombsite zones to name just a couple from the exhaustive list.

Here’s a look at the complete list of changes from the latest patch:


  • – Workout is now available in Competitive Mode and as part of the Hostage Group.
  • – Ruby is now available as part of the Defusal Group Sigma.
  • – Abbey and Biome which are no longer available in official matchmaking.
  • – Updated radars for Assault, Cobblestone, Italy, Militia, Office, Vertigo.


  • – Added nav blocker entities for Wingman


  • – Added nav blockers for Wingman mode
  • – Fixed a bug where fountain particle effects would sometimes not play
  • – Brightened up gate-area at top of banana


  • – Added nav blocker entities for Wingman
  • – Fixed C4 stuck spot inside connector
  • – Balloons no longer block grenades or player movement


  • – Added nav blocker entities for Wingman
  • – Changed ground material to a brighter version
  • – Updated train car models with improved collision model
  • – Added white background near T entrance to A main


  • – Added nav blockers for Wingman mode
  • – Removed spot where player could avoid death-trigger in elevator shaft
  • – Fixed molotovs breaking on top of pipes near scaffolding on A ramp
  • – Fixed some poor visibility spots
  • – Added ibeam with construction markings for possible grenade lineups
  • – Simplified grenade collisions on walls and bombsite crates
  • – Decreased size of bombsite zones on both sites
  • – Flattened bombsite zones
  • – Lowered volume of some environment sounds
  • – Reworked T spawn
  • – Removed center cover in elevator room by A site
  • – Removed pallets in elevator room near mid
  • – Lengthened hallway-exit from elevator room by A site
  • – Made T entrance to mid slightly tighter
  • – Tweaked shape of sandbags in mid
  • – Made catwalk near B stairs one section longer
  • – Removed ibeam closest to B stairs
  • – Updated elevator model
  • – Blocked view from CT spawn towards bombsite B catwalk


  • – Enabled nav blocker entities for bots to path correctly when playing Wingman.
  • – Fixed bots from sometimes falling down from ladders and improved bots ladder movement in general.
  • – Fixed bots having trouble planting bombs at A site on Overpass.
  • – Bots now choose more areas available for bomb plants.

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