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Destiny 2: A Garden World Strike guide


A complete walkthrough to help you complete this Strike set in Mercury's past.

Our A Garden World guide for Destiny 2 contains tips, tricks and tactics for defeating Dhendron and completing all the objectives too.

A Garden World is the first Strike to be revealed from Destiny 2’s first expansion the Curse of Osiris. It’s set on Mercury, a scorching hot, desert planet that’s been completely terraformed by the robotic Vex and repurposed to form their new base of operations.

Turns out a powerful Vex Mind has started malfunctioning and it’s up to us and Osiris to destroy it before it’s too late. Currently that’s all we know about this new Strike but below we’ve put together a breakdown of everything it could potentially entail and what sort of encounter we might expect to see when we enter the Garden.

When you’re done reading this walkthrough, do make sure you bookmark our Strikes guide as we’ve put together easy to follow walkthroughs so you can beat each one. For those who relish an even tougher challenge, our Nightfall Strike guide should do the trick – we update it weekly, so keep checking back for the latest guide!

Editor’s UPDATE #3: Now that this Strike’s been out for a few months we’ve checked back to make sure all our tips still hold up. What’s more, we’ve also slotted in a few extra pointers to help you out even further.

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A Garden World: Walkthrough

Enter the Infinite Forest and search for a gateway to the past

  • Head towards the marker and into the Infinite Forest.
  • When you’ve entered, begin progressing forwards and you’ll be prompted to find a gateway to the past. It’s at this point you’ll need to check your HUD and move towards the marker.
  • As it’s somewhat random, we can’t provide a completely focused guide to getting through this section. Just go about clearing any enemies you come across and move towards each marker, opening the doors as you go.
  • At some stages the doors may glow red and you won’t be able to pass through them in this state. It’s at this point you’ll need to go searching for tougher enemies called ‘Daemons’ nearby. Take them out and the doors will open.
  • If you’re in a hurry to grind Vanguard Tokens and XP, you can simply sprint through most of the Infinite Forest and it won’t penalise you in anyway. To make this section more productive, we use it as a space to try and complete the various daily Strike challenges.
  • When you’re nearing the end, you’ll be prompted to enter the past. Head through the portal and prepare to be blown away.

Enter the Spire, Sabotage Vex security protocols and Enter the Spire

  • Follow the path and clear the waves of Vex. Hop on the booster pads and keep ploughing forwards.
  • Keep progressing and by the first Hydra will be a bubble containing a floating square. Shoot this to unlock the booster pad and move to the next area.
  • Now you’ll encounter these floating squares frequently, so shoot any you see and destroy the Vex enemy it unlocks. Although these enemies have yellow health bars, they’re actually quite weak really!
  • As you move forwards, eventually you’ll be prompted to enter the Spire.
  • Platform your way up and head inside.

Climb the Spire

  • Clear out the Cabal and Vex enemies when you arrive and work your way up. It’s best if you’re patient here and willing to retreat if you’re low on health. If in doubt, head back down the ramp to take a breather and recover.
  • Eventually it’ll level out and you’ll have a wealth of enemies to deal with. Use cover and pick them off from a distance. Shoot the levitating square as you move forwards and consider popping a Super to clear the mobs here.
  • Take out the next square and head into the booster. Take out more Vex and use cover liberally as you’ll be peppered by a Hydra in the distance. It’s worth having one of your team members close the gap and hit the Hydra with some power ammo to take care of it quickly.
  • Once you’ve cleared the area, move to the booster and you’ll be catapulted to the top of the Spire – here comes a boss fight.

Defeat Dendron

  • Dendron’s a large Hydra that’ll circle the arena and attempt to laser beam you to death. There are also a number of dormant Minotaur enemies surrounding the arena which will need to be dealt as the fight progresses.
  • In the opening stages use cover and hit Dendron in the eye with as much firepower as you have. It’s vital that you don’t stand still as he’ll use an incredibly powerful wave attack that’ll kill you in one hit.
  • Keep dipping into cover and hitting Dendron until it decides to go invulnerable by placing an impenetrable shield over itself. At this point you’ll need to check the perimeter of the arena for a bubble containing – you guessed it – a levitating square. Shoot the square and deal with the Minotaur that’s activated.
  • It’s vital that you’re keeping an eye on Dendron’s position while taking care of the Minotaur as it’ll still attempt to laser beam you to death. We recommend keeping on the move as much as possible and using a Power Weapon to drop the Minotaur as quickly as possible.
  • If you’re struggling to deal with the Minotaur, just group everyone together and focus him down with grenades or even a Super.
  • Once the Minotaur is down, Dendron will whirr back to life, so begin hitting it again. Snipers and rocket launchers deal huge damage to its health bar – get them equipped! Otherwise, an assault rifle or trace rifle will do the trick nicely.
  • Titan Barriers and Warlock Rifts are great for tanking some of Dendron’s damage, although it’s not advised you stay in one place for too long.
  • Otherwise, rinse and repeat this strategy and Dendron will go eventually go down.
  • That’s this Strike complete!

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