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Destiny 2: Ace of Spades Quest guide – How to unlock the Exotic Hand Cannon and All Cayde’s Stash Locations


How to get your hands on Cayde's trusty Hand Cannon.

Our Destiny 2 Ace of Spades quest guide covers all the quest steps to unlock Cayde’s Exotic Hand Cannon and contains a list of all Cayde’s Stash locations.

Forsaken’s campaign is a tale of vengeance and one that’s driven by Cayde’s murder at the hands of Prince Uldren. You’ve taken it upon yourself to avenge his death and wipe out all those responsible.

Cayde’s weapon of choice was a special Hand Cannon entitled the Ace of Spades and it’s actually obtainable through a lengthy questline in Forsaken. Despite being an arduous quest filled with a range of tricky tasks, it’s an Exotic weapon that’s well worth chasing. It’s an extremely powerful weapon with an Exotic perk that deliver bonus damage when reloaded after an elimination, which makes it perfect for clearing waves of enemies or doling out some serious pain to bosses.

As we’ve alluded to above, it’s not an easy quest to obtain the Ace of Spades. You’ll need to fulfil a variety of conditions and even complete a separate mission to get your hands on it.

To strip away all the fuss and help you get the Ace of Spades as quickly as possible, we’ve put together a guide outlining all the quest steps, including the locations of all Cayde’s Stashes.

Our Awoken Talisman Quest guide is worth a read if you’re struggling to get all the steps done to access the Dreaming City!

How to unlock the Ace of Spades Hand Cannon

Here’s a complete step by step guide to getting Cayde’s Exotic weapon in your inventory:

  • Complete the first mission in Forsaken’s campaign and you’ll be tasked to have a chat with Banshee-44. He’ll give you a Quest Step called Cayde’s Will which sends you on a mission to reclaim the weapon.
  • There’s not a lot you can do at the moment, apart from plow on with the main Forsaken campaign. You’ll reach a mission towards the end of the story called “Nothing Left to Say” which has the objective, “Climb the Watchtower to stop Uldren and the Fanatic”.
  • Complete this mission and you’ll actually reclaim the broken version of the Ace of Spades. Talk to Banshee at the Tower again and you’ll be given another Quest Step. This is where the fun really begins.

All Quest Steps

With the Broken Ace of Spades reclaimed, this is where you’ll need to complete a number of Quest Steps in order to bring it back to its former glory.

Here are all the steps involved in the process, along with some tips to getting them done quickly too:

  • Kill 5 invading players with a Hand Cannon – So for this, you’ll need to queue up for Gambit with a Hand Cannon ready to go. Any one will do, but some of the strongest choices include Better Devils, Crimson and Midnight Coup.
  • Eliminate 250 enemies in Strikes with a Hand Cannon – Again, just get stuck into as many Strikes as possible, using a Hand Cannon as your primary weapon. Sunshot is a particularly good PVE Hand Cannon for the job!
  • Get 25 precision Hand Cannon kills in the Crucible – There’s nothing for it but to queue up in the Crucible and be as accurate as you possibly can. Go for headshots and grind it out.
  • Search the solar system for Cayde’s personal caches – We’ve outlined all 4 of Cayde’s cache locations in the section below.
  • Complete mission “Ace in the Hole” – You’ll need to travel to Titan to take on this mission and beat it. Once you’ve done so, head to Banshee and you’ll earn a fully repaired Ace of Spades Hand Cannon!

All Cayde’s Personal Stash locations

To complete step 5 of the Ace of Spades quest you’re tasked with hunting down Cayde’s stashes all across the solar system – not much of a clue.

If you’re tired of searching for them, here’s where to find each and everyone one:

Credit goes to both I3ruceWayne and iParallaxed for putting all this information together. Make sure you check out both their posts for detailed descriptions and images.

This video by Datto is also extremely helpful!

  • 1. EDZ – Can be found in Firebase Hades, inside the second entrance tucked away by some shelving.
  • 2. Nessus – Teleport to the Exodus Black Landing Zone, take a sharp right. Follow the path down the slope and walk past the teleporter.
  • 3. Io – Inside the Wraith Mines in the first open room. Jump on the rock formations and platform up there.
  • 4. Tangled Shore – Head to the Jetsam of Saturn and move towards the very South side of this area. Follow what looks like a tunnel, stick to the left side and you’ll bump into the stash along the wall.

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