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Destiny 2: Alexa guide – Voice commands list, things you can ask and setting up


How to get Alexa and Destiny 2 talking to each other.

Our Destiny 2: Alexa guide contains a list of voice commands, Ghost Skill features, and everything you need to set up and pair your Alexa device with the game.

Amazon’s Alexa devices are traditionally used to make your everyday life a little bit easier through voice commands. You might ask it what the weather’s going to be like today, for example, or to remind you that you’ve got a meeting later in the day.

Now you’re able to pair your Alexa device with Destiny 2 via the Ghost Skill app and bring your Ghost to life – literally. If you’re interested in the Cabal or need to equip your finest weapon, you can now ask your Alexa device and Ghost will respond to your voice commands in game. There are over 1,000 possibilities, so you can ask practically anything and you’ll get an answer!

To help you get started with this feature, we’ve put together a guide that’ll show you what you’ll need and how to use them.

What do I need?

Here’s what devices and apps you’ll need to get started.

  • A copy of Destiny 2 and a account for PS4, Xbox One or PC.
  • An internet connection.
  • Any Alexa-enabled device. You can buy one here using this link.
  • The Alexa app.
  • The Destiny 2 Ghost Skill app for Amazon Alexa.

(Please note: If you make a purchase using any of the links in this article, we may receive a small commission as part of Amazon’s affiliate programme. Thanks for supporting the site!)

How do I get started?

Below you’ll find a walkthrough on how to get your Amazon Alexa device connected to Destiny 2 and the Ghost Skill app.

Enabling the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill

  • First, you’ll need to download the Amazon Alexa app.
  • Open up your Alexa app, search for and select the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill.
  • On the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill detail page, select Enable Skill.

Linking your Gaming account to the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill

  • Open up your internet browser.
  • Go to and login to your account. Your login credentials will be those you use for PS4, Xbox One and PC.
  • Using the same browser, login to
  • Select Skills.
  • Search for and select the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill.
  • Select Enable.
  • Click on Save Permissions.
  • Select Link Account.
  • Go back to and select Link to link your accounts.

Using the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill

First thing to note before you start using your Ghost, all the commands start with “Alexa, ask Ghost…” or “Alexa, tell Ghost…”

Progression and Event Recommendations

You can ask Ghost what you should do next and it’ll recommend you an activity or Milestone based on your character.

If you’re playing through the Destiny 2 story, Ghost will recommend you complete the next mission in the story. Completed the campaign? Ghost will suggest Milestones or other activities based on your character’s Power Level.

You may already know what you’d like to do next and Ghost will guide you there too.

  • Alexa, ask Ghost what I should do next.
  • Alexa, ask Ghost what is my next mission.

Social and Clan Management

You can use Ghost to coordinate with clan members, find people to Raid with or even message clan mates as well.

  • Alexa, ask Ghost who in my clan is online.
  • Alexa, ask Ghost for a clan update.

Loadouts and Item Management

When you’re in Orbit or a Social space you can use Ghost to move items within your inventory or equip your strongest weapons and pieces of gear.

Ghost is also able to save certain Loadouts for different activities. You may have a equipped a favourite Crucible loadout, at which point you can tell Ghost to save it. Next time you head into PVP you can tell Ghost to equip your Crucible loadout and it’ll be done for you automatically.

You can save unique loadouts for four activities per character:

Finally, Ghost can transfer items between your Vault and your inventory. Do note that Ghost can’t equip items that are in your Vault, but can transfer them over to your inventory so you can go ahead and equip them manually.

Ghost Character and Destiny Lore

If you’re interested in Destiny 2’s universe, you can ask Ghost to expand on a number of different characters, factions and enemies.

  • Alexa, ask Ghost about the Tower.
  • Alexa, ask Ghost about the Red Legion.

If you’re still having trouble setting up your Ghost, or encounter any other issues, make sure you head over to Activision’s Support page.

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