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Destiny 2: Bad Neighbors walkthrough guide (Adventure)


Here's how to complete this mission set on Titan.

Our Destiny 2: Bad Neighbors walkthrough guide explains how to disarm the fallen, find the hive wizards, climb the tower, detonate the hive disruptor and defeat the hive

Your aim is to resolve a dangerous conflict between the Fallen and the Hive, with the end result being a face off against some pretty powerful Hive Wizards – oh the joys.

This mission is split into three very distinct sections and we’ve put together a walkthrough that’ll guide you through every single one.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Campaign walkthrough and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Disarm the Fallen and find the Hive Wizards

Your first aim is to gather 6 Fuel Cells and you’re not going to have a map marker guiding you either. Thankfully it’s not too tricky and involves running around Titan killing Fallen Vandals, Dregs and Marauders until they begin dropping them. Pay attention to the red flashes on your minimap and beelining over to them in the hope of grabbing those Fuel Cells.

Once you’ve got all 6, it’s time to find the Hive Wizards. Thankfully a map marker will guide your way, but expect to come up against some fair resistance. There’s one particular tactic you can employ throughout, which is to proceed with caution when entering a new and unfamiliar room or area. More often than not you’ll encounter a surge in enemy forces when you step further into a space, so wait by each entrance and move on slowly.

Carrying on with patience will usually trigger the remaining enemies which’ll funnel towards you nicely and make for some easy pickings. It’s also worth noting that you should save your Super throughout each section – you’re far better off holding off until the very end!

Eventually you’ll come to a point where you’ll see a large tower and a broken bridge you can run across to draw closer to it. Run along and boost jump across to the other side. Jump up the tower and begin using the thin, levitating platforms to reach the final area.

Defeat the Hive Wizards

When you arrive at the top, place the disruptor then shoot it. You’ll then trigger a process you’ll have to repeat three times: Defeat Hive Wizards and kill wave of Hive enemies.

Make sure you’ve got a nice energy weapon equipped to deal with the Wizards and take down their shields in an instant. The Hive waves will always spawn behind the square platform, so get out a close range weapon and wipe them out as soon as they appear. We highly recommend standing on the highest point and shooting down if you need to recover armour and health.

Don’t be afraid to use your Super when you come to last couple of waves, but ideally, you’d want to unleash it on the very last Wizard who’s a bit tougher than the rest.

Otherwise, these Wizards will go down very quickly with a choice Rocket Launcher shot or two.

When they’ve gone down, that this Adventure complete!

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