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Destiny 2: Blind Well guide


How to complete all three tiers of the Blind Well.

Our Destiny 2 Blind Well guide contains everything you need to know about this end game activity including how to access it, how it works and how to complete all three tiers.

Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion is easily its biggest yet. It certainly seems like Bungie’s taken on board every piece of the feedback the game’s received over the last year or so and made tweaks in all the right places. Not only are there loads of system changes, like the mod revamp for example, but also a tonne of brand new content for Guardians to sink their bullets into.

One of the latest Forsaken additions is the Blind Well. It’s an endgame activity that can be found in the Dreaming City, an enormous hub for high level players that’s filled with secrets, Public Events and the Last Wish Raid.

The Blind Well’s a cooperative activity that’s a little like the Escalation Protocol Public Event which was introduced with Destiny 2’s second expansion Warmind. You’ll face off against increasingly difficult waves of enemies and bosses with the promise of loot, EXP and rare consumable drops.

How do I access the Blind Well?

First things first, if you’re aiming to complete all 3 waves of the Blind Well, you’ll need to be pushing 560+ Power Level as it’s going to be nigh on impossible otherwise.

With this in mind, it’s a given that you’ll need to have completed the Forsaken campaign and the Awoken Talisman Quest to unlock the Dreaming City endgame space.

Complete various activities in the Dreaming City and you’ll probably come across a Charge of Light item. These are your keys to activating the Blind Well and kicking things off.

So, in order to collect Charges of Light, you’ll need to gather them from activities in the Dreaming City, or you can purchase them from Petra in exchange for Dark Fragments which can be acquired via events around the Dreaming City too.

These Charges of Light come in 3 tiers and the difficulty of the Blind Well challenge and how many waves you want to take on depends on which charge you deposit.

When you’re all set up, head on over to the Blind Well area in the Dreaming City.

How to complete the Blind Well: Tiers 1, 2 and 3

Here’s a breakdown of how to beat the Blind Well’s three tiers. Credit goes to both Esoterickk and sinfonys for the info and footage.

Tier 1

You’ll be placed in a bubble in the centre of the well while waves of enemies are coming at you from all sides.

When inside the bubble you get a buff called “Touch of the Sky” which means that you won’t take damage. Step outside bounds and your health bar will start taking a hit after a few seconds, so don’t spend too long scouting around.

Eventually high priority enemies called Servants of the Plague will start spawning in. They’ve got a big white shield which blocks all sources of damage so you’ll need to break it somehow. The key to doing so lies in destroying the Anathema which will drop a glowing purple orb. Players who pick this orb up are the only members of the fireteam who can then go ahead and do damage to these shielded enemies for as long as the “Harmony” buff they’ve been given allows them to.

Once these enemy shields are down though, then all players can let loose on them no matter if they’ve picked up an orb or not. When killed they also drop even more orbs, so everyone can get a buff!

A boss will spawn in soon after and they work much the same way as the Servants. You’ll need to earn the Harmony buff to deal damage to them, but thankfully Anathema’s spawn regularly so you shouldn’t have a problem grabbing the orbs when you need them.

Simply channel all your power into destroying the boss and you should complete the Tier!

Tier 2

Tier 2’s very much the same process as Tier 1, however Skreeb enemies will be far more frequent. These are glowing, four-legged creatures that scuttle towards you at pace before exploding. The challenge here is spotting them as soon as possible and clearing them before they wipe your entire team!

Other than that, there will be one more boss in Tier 2, but everything works in exactly the same manner. A power level of 500+ is absolutely essential though, otherwise you won’t stand a chance.

Tier 3

Tier 3 is strictly reserved for players who’ve already nearly reached the 600 level cap. We’re talking 550+ here, with as many Guardians as possible to defeat the hardest Blind Well challenge.

Video by Esoterickk

Again it’s much the same as the other tiers, except this time you’ve got tougher enemies to deal with and the Heralds of the Plague to face off against.

Once you’ve managed to reach the boss stage, you’ll be transported into the Ascendant Realm and three Heralds of the Plague bosses will be surrounding you. It works in exactly the same fashion as the other boss fights in terms of killing Anathemas and getting the Harmony buff, the main kicker is the difficulty!

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