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Destiny 2: Cavern of Souls location and guide (Lost Sector)


How to find and complete this EDZ Lost Sector.

How to find the entrance to the Cavern of Souls Lost Sector located in the EDZ region of Destiny 2, clear the encounter and take home your loot.

First thing you’ll want to do is head on over to The Sludge’s landing zone. Once you’re there, proceed straight on and down into the shallow stream. Follow the path for a little while before taking a sharp left turn towards the warehouses nearby. When you’ve reached the end, turn right and you’ll see a Lost Sector symbol just behind the rusted truck. Head through the entrance, swing right and you’ll enter the Cavern of Souls – not scary at all.

While we’ve done our best to explain how to find the Cavern of Souls, sometimes it’s best to see it for yourselves. That’s why we’ve embedded a video down below that’ll show you where it is and what nasties can be found in its depths. If you found the video useful, make sure to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to the channel for more helpful Destiny 2 content. Underneath the video, we’ve also put together a short text summary to aid you in taking down the mini-boss at the end.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Campaign walkthrough and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

  • Once you’re in the main entrance, descend through the winding, rocky tunnel until you hit the cavern itself.
  • It’s suddenly going to get pretty dark, and you’ll spot Taken enemies straight ahead. We recommend getting out a Scout Rifle and picking them off from a distance. When you pull the trigger, expect more enemies to show up all of a sudden, so be patient and drop them one by one.
  • Slowly proceed round to the left and ascend up the gentle incline. You’ll encounter a few tougher Taken enemies, notably Hobgoblins which should be prioritised. Keep ploughing forwards, but be careful once you reach the narrow hole in the wall – a Wizard will be spamming you with shots right away.
  • Duck to the side and taken them out, before dropping into the room with the Blights. Now it’s time to equip a close range weapon of some sort and using the large pillar to the left as cover. Melee or shoot your way through the mobs and chuck a grenade into the fray when you notice a cluster of Taken spawning.
  • Now that you’ve cleared the area, keep to the left and follow the narrow path around. Eventually you’ll come to another room with two Blights. Don’t drop down, and instead take out the threats from range.
  • Once you’ve cleared the trash, you’ll be up against mini-boss Varghul, Fragment of Oryx. Either pop your Super and lay into him, or stay at a distance and pepper his glowing eye until he goes down. You can also tango with him at close range, but we recommend whipping out a Shotgun or Sword to deal optimal damage.
  • When he’s down, you’ll see the glowing crate towards the back of the room. Collect the loot and that’s this Lost Sector out of the way!

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