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Destiny 2: Chosen guide and walkthrough – Dominus Ghaul fight tips, tricks and tactics


Our essential walkthrough for finishing Destiny 2’s final Chosen mission.

Our Destiny 2: Chosen guide contains tips and tricks for the Dominus Ghaul fight, as well as a complete walkthrough for all other sections of this mission.

Congratulations on making it to the final mission of the Destiny 2 campaign! The Last City is in smouldering ruins and now it’s up to you to put a stop to Dominus Ghaul’s reign of terror over the Traveler. Battle Cabal forces across the city, leap across its rooftops and then make your way into the Ghaul’s ship for one final, apocalyptic battle with the big bad himself

Do bear in mind that this is just the second iteration of our Chosen guide. We’ll update it with screenshots, gameplay footage and more detailed strategies in the very near future, so stay tuned for more updates very soon! Until then, we hope you find this a useful resource for beating the final fight of Destiny 2 – in the vanilla campaign, at least.

UPDATE: 21st November 2017

We’ve given our Chosen guide a bit of a makeover so that it’s easier to use, and also included some extra footage of the final fight against Dominus Ghaul himself. That should hopefully help you beat this final boss in pretty short order.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Battle between barriers

Begin the liberation of the Last City by jumping and dropping your way down down to the ground, landing on the building to the right so you can gain a vantage point of the Legionaries as you head along the stret.

Eliminate the four Legionaries in your way as you carry on heading up, then move to the courtyard where a bunch of Cabal enemies are waiting by a barricade.

These barricades open as soon as you’ve cleared all of the immediate threats in the area. Once you’ve done so, make sure you pass through them straight away first time. If you don’t, they’ll temporarily close up again and spawn in a wave of Cabal before you can proceed. Oops…

Next, move on and prepare to do battle with a few Legionaries, some Phalanxes and a Centurion. This situation is best dealt with by using the cover of the crates and the dome on your right, and taking pot-shots at them from a distance.

Once you’re done, an Incendior and Phalanx will show up, along with another additional wave of the Cabal forces. At this point, you should make your way through the open barrier to avoid going through this fight yet again if it does close.

Once you’re through the barricade, head through the remains of a concrete walkway along the canal, head over the bridge and then head up a street packed with Psions. Keep moving on, clearing the area of enemies as you go – alternatively you can get away with just ignoring them!

Be aware that you’re approaching a courtyard which you’ll want to ease off the gas for as you approach.

Another bucketload of Cabal forces are about to turn up and this time around it’s a bunch of Incendiors, Phalanxes, Centurions and more you have to deal with. The obliterated building to your left is great for cover if you need it, so use it to deal with the Cabal resistance, patiently taking them out one by one.

When you’ve cleared out enough of the enemies, look for a break in the barrier and leg it – there’s no point hanging around and getting trapped for another agonising wave of enemies again.

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Reach your team

Now it’s time to leap onto a balcony and head through into the market corridor that’s home to two levels.

Stay on the elevated left level to gain a very handy advantage, shoot the Psions from range, and follow that firepower up with some concentrated fire on the Gladiator. When you turn the left corner you’ll come across Psions and another Gladiator, so get out a close-range weapon and smash ’em to pieces.

Leave via the iron doors in front of you, turn left and then head up a number of stone steps leading to a market area. The easiest way through this section is to simply run and ignore all the enemies if you can.

Jump and spring through the archways. Make your way through a series of corridors and rooftops until you get to watch the Traveler and the Light being drained away.

Take your time here and look to the right from the initial rooftop. Jump over to the yellow stairs on the subsequent roof and land on top of the cabin, watching out for some Legionaries.

Stick to the right side and leap across the three miniscule grate platforms attached to poles. Avoid overshooting these tiny platforms by maneuvering in the air just enough so you land on them cleanly.

Once you reach the third and final platform, look dead ahead and over to your right, then hop over to a balcony.

There’s a Scorpius turret just around the corner here, so continuously pop out of cover and take it down. When it’s exploded, move over to where it was and proceed across one of the girders over to the yellow building, swinging right and leaping up to where the ladder is. From here, look left and ahead you’ll see an outdoor rooftop. Leap to it, dropping a Phalanx and Legionary above.

Work your way around to the edge of the rooftop and hop to the balcony on the building ahead. Eliminate the Incendior and Legionaries while you ascend and turn right to a final set of steps where you can meet your team.

Cayde will now open a teleporter, so go through it and prepare for the final boss fight.

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Tips, tricks and tactics for beating Dominous Ghaul

You’ll exit the teleporter and find yourself in Ghaul’s ship. Head forwards, and tip toe around the sleeping War Beasts. Move through the next couple of doorways and continue up into a maintenance shaft area. Boost up past the pipework to a higher platform, then around to a ramp that leads up into the cargo bay.

There’s a few Cabal up here including an Incendior mini-boss. We recommend sticking to the left side of this area, eliminating the Psions first before taking out the Phalanxes. Stay at a distance and tackle the Incendior then move move through to the elevator.

Combat with Dominus Ghaul beings here and we’ve broken it down into a handy three phase guide for you.

Here’s a breakdown of Ghaul’s main attacks:

  • Foot stomp – After he lands he’ll stamp the ground which deals a huge amount of damage. Avoid getting close to him.
  • Grenade Launcher – Watch out for his grenades, although they’re quite easy to dodge. Simply strafe away from these shells and you’ll be fine.
  • Flaming Sword – Be very careful of his “Dawnblade-esque” ability where he rains down fire on you from above. Run and jump away to avoid getting hit by these.

First Phase

Aim all your firepower at Ghaul’s head, ideally using a rifle, SMG or Hand Cannon. Anything else isn’t a guaranteed hit as he’s surprisingly nimble.

Don’t be afraid to execute your Super either, and simply smash it right into his noggin. It’s not a waste as you’ll be able to use the “Light Columns” to replenish it anyway. Again, this is a cue to throw grenades his way too.

Keep spamming Ghauls head with bullets until his health drops by a third, then prepare for the second phase.

Second Phase

Ghaul retreats and more Cabal are on the way. Remove as many as possible before stepping into the Light Column. When the purple column appears, this is your cue to start focusing on Ghaul again.

Ghaul will start firing off two grenades at a time, and he also has a deadly melee charge ability which can be dodged if you retreat a little. When he’s missed this ability, it’s best to let loose with your Super and go recharge it as quickly as possible.

Focus on repeating these Super strikes, with a smattering of shots to his head for good measure. Keep on the move, and don’t be afraid to run away for an extended period of time if your back’s against the wall.

Stick to the plan and eventually he’ll lose another third of his health. Now it’s the final stretch!

Final Phase

While he’s writhing about in pain, take care of the Cabal forces, clear the area and get yourself recharged again.

He uses all of his attacks this time, including a brand new one where he hurls a large Void shield at you. There’s quite a wind-up to it, so you can dodge it with a well timed retreat and strafe.

It’s vital that you keep on the offensive in this last stage of the fight. Continue topping yourself up at the Light Columns, hitting him with your Super and spraying his head with bullets. Seeing as it’s the final fight, go all out with grenades and power weapons – you’ve got nothing to lose. If you’re struggling with his attacks, use the tunnels to your advantage.

Attack his head with everything you’ve got, generously regaining all your Super and Grenade energy. Soon enough he’ll fall and all of sudden you’ve done it – you’ve completed the campaign!

Video Walkthrough

To help you even further with the fight against Ghaul, we’ve embedded a video walkthrough of the entire mission. It’s a great reference point which you can watch at the same time as finishing the campaign itself.

If you found the video useful, do make sure you give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to their channel.

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