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Destiny 2: Dead Orbit wins the Faction Rally and Hotfix is now live


Space goths claim victory.

Bungie has announced that the winner of Destiny 2’s first Faction Rally event is none other than Dead Orbit, and their special weapon is now available to purchase in the Tower. Hotfix has also been deployed and fixes a number of issues within the game.

Destiny 2’s first Faction Rally event introduced three warring factions into the Tower, each with their own set of unique rewards and one special weapon that only unlocks for the winning faction. Players pledge their allegiance to one faction, earn Faction Tokens and redeem them for faction specific Engrams. Ultimately, the Faction Rally is a race against time, with the winning faction decided by the number of reward packages earned by its players within the space of a week.

As it turns out Dead Orbit came out on top, with Bungie announcing the news via Twitter – much to the dismay of those allied with Future War Cult and New Monarchy.

“You may notice evidence of who won the first Faction Rally in Destiny 2 as you make your way back to the Tower.

Congratulations, Dead Orbit. Thanks to all who played in support of their favorite faction. There is always next time!”

With Dead Orbit winning, their special Scout Rifle – Haunted Earth – is now unlocked for everyone. Members of Dead Orbit can purchase the weapon for a heavily discounted price of 1000 Glimmer, while everyone else has to fork out a whopping 50,000 Glimmer.

If you’re curious as to how it performs, YouTuber xHOUNDISHx takes a brilliant, in-depth look at Haunted Earth and gives his opinion on whether you should pick it up or not.

Bungie also took Destiny 2’s servers down yesterday for maintenance and to deploy hotfix Below we’ve listed all of the changes that have been introduced to the game.


  • Fixed an issue in which players could lose access to the Veteran’s Transmat Effect by deleting characters.
  • Fixed an issue in which clan engrams would grant Trials of the Nine and raid rewards at only 10 Power.
  • Fixed an issue in which the action button on Faction Rallies emblems displayed Discard instead of Store.


  • Fixed an issue in which progress for the Exotic Quest Step “His Highness’s Seal” was not incrementing properly.


  • Fixed an issue in which raid milestones would not show for some players after the weekly reset (This didn’t affect any raid rewards).
  • Fixed an issue in which players could enter a state where they are continuously killed if they finish a raid encounter at the exact moment of failure.


Added invisible physics and kill volumes to keep players inside the intended playable area on the following maps:

  • Eternity
  • Altar of Flame
  • Emperor’s Respite
  • Legion’s Gulch
  • Javelin-4
  • The Dead Cliffs
  • Added invisible physics to all stairs in The Dead Cliffs to allow grenades to bounce properly.
  • Adjusted spawning system values to reduce the frequency of players respawning into dangerous situations on all maps.

It’s worth noting that Bungie estimated their maintenance window to last around 4 hours, but it finished 2 hours early. Players logged in only to find that their Guardians had disappeared with many voicing their panic over Twitter. Bungie quelled concerns with a brilliant, “turn it on, and off again”.

Well, it worked.

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