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Destiny 2: Dreaming City guide – Raid and Blind Well


Everything we know so far about Forsaken's endgame area.

Our Destiny 2 Dreaming City guide contains everything we know so far about this endgame space, including details on the Raid and Blind Well activities.

Destiny 2’s first Raid, The Leviathan, tasked players with infiltrating Emperor Calus’s enormous ship. Bathed in gold and oozing opulence it sure looks the part, but there simply aren’t enough secrets to uncover to bring players back time and time again. Once the dust had settled after only a couple of weeks the community had uncovered all it has to offer.

Well, it certainly seems as if Bungie’s Raid team have taken feedback on board. From first impressions, the Dreaming City looks like an incredible effort to instate everything the community’s wanted from an endgame space, and more!

The Dreaming City promises to be a huge zone chock full of secrets, enemies and activities, and it’ll even change its layout on a three week cycle. Bungie wants this place to feel boundless in its scope, so no matter how many times you visit, you’ll always be in for a surprise and we can’t wait to see all the crazy theories, puzzles, missions and ridiculous requirements all popping up over the subreddit. Not just for a couple of weeks either, but for a good few months or more.

Below we’ve put together everything we know so far about The Dreaming City and it’s endgame activities so you can get a better idea of what to expect on launch day. We’ll update this if we learn more too.

Once the Raid and Blind Well have gone live, we’ll be overhauling this guide with complete walkthroughs!

Dreaming City: Overview

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything that’s been revealed about the Dreaming City so far. We’ll update this section as we continue to learn more over time.

  • We’ll likely have to finish the Forsaken campaign before we can visit the Dreaming City.
  • The Dreaming City has succumbed to the curse of the Taken, which we’ll learn more about through specific missions, lore and activities scattered around the area.
  • Raiders will affect the Dreaming City itself, and it’ll change dynamically as time goes by. This means that the Dreaming City we see at launch will be different to that of the Dreaming City we’ll see two or three weeks later. New secrets will open, passageways will suddenly come to light and we expect some exciting new encounters too.
  • It’s going to be riddled with secrets, puzzles and lots more to discover.
  • The Dreaming City is an endgame space which is home to a separate Raid called Last Wish. We know of one activity so far called Blind Well. From the looks of things it’s similar to Warmind’s Escalation Protocol Public Event which tasks players with surviving waves of increasingly tough enemies.
  • While the outward appearance of the Dreaming City is well…dreamlike, the Raid flips this on its head. We won’t be getting lush vistas, tumbling waterfalls and serene mists gliding over a peaceful landscape. We’ll be entering a nightmare. From the screenshots it looks dark, ominous and scary to say the very least.
  • In the Last Wish Raid we’ll be battling to the Core of the Dreaming City and presumably fighting whatever’s caused the place to be shut off from the world.

Last Wish Raid: Everything we know so far

Here’s a quick roundup of all the info we’ve got so far on the new Raid coming to Destiny 2.

  • Last Wish releases a week after Forsaken and will give live on 14th September at 1PM EDT or 6PM BST if you’re based in the UK.
  • You won’t be able to hop into the Raid and expect to see success no matter what. You’ll need to reach a certain level cap and bring in some of your most powerful gear if you want to at least make it out alive.
  • Of course, we’re expecting an array of Raid exclusive gear to drop in Last Wish.
  • We’ve got no further details on the secrets, puzzles or bossfight(s?) yet as Bungie wants the community to delve into the unknown and discover all the horrors and treasures that await without any spoilers.

That concludes the first iteration of our Dreaming City guide, but it’s worth checking out our Forsaken page as it contains a complete overview of everything that’s coming with the September expansion!

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