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Destiny 2: Escalation Protocol guide – Bosses, Rewards, Tactics


Our complete guide to the new co-operative event coming with Warmind.

Our Destiny 2 Escalation Protocol guide covers boss tips and tactics, how to start an Escalation Protocol, and how the rewards work.

Escalation Protocol is one of the new PVE events being added to Destiny 2 with the imminent release of the Warmind expansion. In this new collaborative, arena-like content, players will team together to fight off increasingly tricky waves of Hive enemies in order to get their hands on the juicy armour and weapons that are exclusive to this mode.

In our Escalation Protocol guide, we wanted to bring together everything we currently know about the mode in one place. Now that the expansion’s live, we’ve updated this article with how the mode works, what rewards you’ll earn and some tips on beating the final boss encounter. If there’s anything you’re struggling with in particular, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to help you out.

When you’re done here, make sure you check out our comprehensive Destiny 2 Warmind guide, which contains essential help for every aspect of the new DLC!

UPDATE – 11TH MAY 2018

We’ve added in a brand new section that runs through the tasks you’ll face in waves 1 through 6 in Escalation Protocol, as well as a handy video to go along with it!


Use the following links to quickly navigate to the section of the guide you’re most interested in right now!

1. How to Start an Escalation Protocol

2. Escalation Protocol Boss Tips, Tactics and Strategies

3. Escalation Protocol Rewards

How to start an Escalation Protocol

In order to begin the mode, you’ll need to first of all have completed the core Warmind campaign. Having wrapped up the campaign – which is really quite brief – you next need to make your way to Mars and look for glowing red metal panels on the floor. You can also search for these panels using your Ghost as you approach Escalation Protocol icons. Once you’ve found one, simply interact with the item to kick the event off.

Escalation Protocols require a three-player fireteam to coordinate with. As they take place within the Public Event system, however, the developers expect to see multiple fireteams working together to take down the threat once it’s been initiated. A maximum of nine players will be able to take part in any given encounter.

Once the Escalation Protocol is under way, you’ll have to move from spot to spot to deal with the increasingly deadly threat. Clear markers and directions will be given in-game, so you’ll know where exactly you need to head to.

Escalation Protocol Boss Tips, Tactics and Strategies

Once you’ve cleared seven waves of Hive enemies, you’ll then need to face off against a final boss that has unique mechanics and will require a very specific strategy to take down. A different boss will be rotated into the game on a weekly basis, and there will be five of them in total.

Each boss has its own unique loot pool too, so you’ll be motivated to take part in the new Escalation Protocol that launches each week, and obliterate the boss for a shot at the tastiest loot available with the new rotation.

Waves 1-6

As far as we’re aware, Waves 1-6 always follow a very similar pattern. You’ll be tasked with a range of activities, from clearing the Hive before time expires, to exterminating some Hive bosses within a certain time limit.

Here’s the general mission structure of Escalation Protocol:

  • Level 1: Clear the Hive before time expires + locate and disable the shadowrift.
  • Level 2: Clear the Hive before time expires + locate and disable the shadowrift + exterminate all Hive bosses.
  • Level 3: Clear the Hive before time expires + locate and disable both shadowrifts + exterminate all Hive bosses.
  • Level 4: Clear the Hive before time expires + locate and disable both shadowrifts + exterminate all Hive bosses.
  • Level 5: Clear the Hive before time expires + locate and disable 3 shadowrifts + exterminate all Hive bosses.
  • Level 6: Withstand the onslaught of Hive, complete the Heroic event, and defeat every boss.

The video we’ve linked down below showcases a complete run of the Escalation Protocol Public Event by Esoterickk, so make sure you give it a watch to see what it’s like.

Wave 7

We’re diving into the deep end with a video by Esoterickk. It showcases Escalation Protocol’s 7th Level, along with footage of what you’ll have to face off against. Turns out it’s one heck of a fight!

Video by Esoterickk

It seems like Level 7 attempts to overwhelm you with a whole host of enemies. Everything from Witches, to Shriekers, Acolytes and enormous Ogres. From what we’ve gathered, your first port of call is to use whatever cover is available to you at the time. We see players huddled around the large pillar, which makes for a perfect spot to recover health and dodge any enemy firepower.

For your best chance at beating the final level, you’ll need as many players as possible. Largely this is down to luck, but if you gather a bunch of friends it’ll certainly make life a lot easier.

Another tip would be to pack a Rocket Launcher or any other explosive weapon that deals some big damage. This’ll be a perfect tool for chunking the huge Ogre’s health bar and any other big targets that stand in your way. There should be more than enough Power Ammo dropping around the arena to warrant spamming the trigger too.

It’s worth focusing your efforts on taking out the Dread Wizards and other mobs so you don’t get overwhelmed. What’s more, the huge Ogre will occasionally be shielded by these enemies – so it’s important you clear them out methodically.

Finally, move as a group so you can easily revive eachother. Don’t hesistate to use Supers often as the orbs generated will feed another’s, and you’ll be able to chain Supers off each other regularly.

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Escalation Protocol Rewards

In addition to the special armour items dropped by Escalation Protocol bosses, there will also be a number of weapons – with unique perks – and related vanity items to collect.

We understand that although players will be able to farm the Escalation Protocol event for things like the weapons and the vanity items, you will only be able to acquire the unique armour pieces on a weekly basis until you’ve got your whole set unlocked. Once the fifth boss has been beaten you have all five pieces.

Here’s a video that showcases the rewards that are available in Week 1 of Warmind:

That wraps up the third edition of our Escalation Protocol guide. As mentioned elsewhere our next update will come after the DLC goes live and we’ve had a chance to sample the encounter for ourselves. When that happens, expect to see a lot of boss tips, tactics and strategies added into the article!

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