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Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost guide – Release time, Activities and Rewards


Everything you need to know about the Festival of the Lost.

Our Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost guide contains everything you need to know about this year’s Halloween event, including release times, activities, masks and rewards.

Destiny 2’s Halloween event kicks off soon and Eva Levante’s returned to bring the spookiness.

The Tower’s received a haunted makeover, and the Infinite Forest has transformed into the Haunted Forest filled with horrible fiends, ghouls and terrors to defeat. Do so successfully, and you’ll earn yourself some lovely loot, though.

There are also skeleton armour sets, a Braytech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle to collect and plenty of weird and wonderful masks to don.

Below we’ve put together a guide that’ll give you an overview of all the new content coming to Destiny 2 with Festival of the Lost, and when it’s all going live.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost: Release Time

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost starts on Tuesday, October 29th. Here’s what time it’s due to go live in-game:

  • UK: 18:00 (BST)
  • Europe: 19:00 (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 13:00 (ET)
  • West Coast US: 10:00 (PT)

Festival of the Lost ends on Tuesday, November 19th and things will revert back to normal service at the times above.

How do I access the Festival of the Lost?

To access the Festival of the Lost, new players must meet the following requirements:

  • Escape the Cosmodrome to unlock the Tower.
  • Achieve 770 Power.

Once these requirements are met, players will receive a quest which directs them to speak with Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard. After this quest has been completed, players will be granted access to the Festival of the Lost activities and rewards.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost: Quests and Activities

Here’s a look at all the activities arriving with the Festival of the Lost:

Haunted Forest

The Infinite Forest has been transformed into the Haunted Forest for the duration of this event. Players will be tasked with exploring the forest for 15 minutes and clearing out any horrors that lurk inside. Do so, and you’ll earn Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins which can be turned in for Festival of the Lost rewards. It’ll get progressively tougher the further you go, and it supports matchmaking too, so no worries if you’re a solo player.

It’s worth noting that there are two versions of the Haunted Forest:

  • Haunted Forest: This is the standard version which features matchmaking, and will pair players until a Fireteam of three has been assembled.
  • Firewalled Haunted Forest: In this version matchmaking is disabled. Players can enter the forest solo, or with a pre-made Fireteam.

Eva Levante Rewards


Once players have unlocked access to the Haunted Forest, bounties, masks, and other Festival of the Lost rewards can be purchased from Eva Levante in the Tower. Masks can be purchased using Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins, which are earned by defeating enemies and completing activities while wearing a Festival of the Lost mask.

There are a total of five masks to purchase using Chocolate Strange Coins. Those earned during Festival of the Lost 2018 can also be equipped by players who earned them.

To equip masks, you need to purchase the Masquerader’s Helmet from Eva Levante for 100 Glimmer, and then select your mask of choice as an Ornament.

Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle

There’s also a Braytech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle to acquire by handing in your earnings to Eva Levante. It’s a fully Masterworked 950 Power weapon, so it’s certainly going to pack a punch. If you manage to get hold of it, you can earn it again – but with Random Rolls!


Once you’ve equipped your Masks, you can also apply Festival of the Lost armor mods. These can only be applied to the Masquerader’s Helmet, and they’re only active in the Haunted Forest.

Here’s a look at three of these unique mods:

Higher Purpose:

  • Significant damage resistance while airborne.
  • Significantly increased damage to all enemies.
  • Increases the drop chance of Heavy ammo on kill.

Vampiric Touch:

  • Significantly increased damage to challenging enemies.
  • Precision kills trigger health regeneration.
  • Increases the drop chance of Heavy Ammo on kill.

Energetic Assassin:

  • Precision kills grant grenade and melee energy.
  • Significantly increased damage to Terrors.
  • Increases the drop chance of Heavy Ammo on kill.

Special Bounties and Triumphs

There will be unique Daily Bounties, Weekly Bounties and Additional Bounties available during the Festival of the Lost which will grant extra XP and more.

Unique Triumps will also go live, all of which we’ve listed down below:

  • Days of the Dead – Complete Festival of the Lost 2019 Triumphs.
  • A Frightening Power – Acquire the exclusive Festival of the Lost 2019 weapon.
  • Strange Times – Collect Chocolate Strange Coins during Festival of the Lost 2019.
  • Bountiful – Complete Festival of the Lost 2019 bounties.
  • A Brilliant Smile – Brush your teeth (or your mastication module).
  • Still Not Scared – Defeat Terrors in the Haunted Forest.
  • Master of Disguise – Acquire all Festival of the Lost 2019 masks.
  • Sweet Tooth – Collect candy during Festival of the Lost 2019.
  • Sweet Surprise – Purchase Festival of the Lost 2019 Grab Bags from Eva Levante.

Once the Festival of the Lost ends these Triumphs will no longer be eligible for progress.

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