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Destiny 2: Fragmented Souls guide – How to farm and get more


How to get Fragmented Souls fast.

Our Destiny 2 Fragmented Souls guide contains all the best ways to get Fragmented Souls fast in to unlock Festival of the Lost rewards.

The start of the Festival of Light event in Destiny 2 brings with it a host of cosmetic items to unlock, and part of that unlocking process will have you hunting down a generous collection of Fragmented Souls.

As you make your way through the Haunted Forest, finishing challenges as you go, you’ll start earning Fragmented Souls. These can then be handed into NPC Amanda Holliday in order to unlock some of the new festive items.

Holliday also provides additional bounties, which can be completed to earn even more Fragmented Souls. If you want to unlock every single item she has, you’re going to need 410 of these items in total.

Here’s how the cost is broken down across all of the items:

30 Souls

  • Traveller Mask
  • Shaxx Mask
  • Petra Venj Mask

40 Souls

  • Dominus Ghaul Mask
  • Jade Rabbit Mask
  • Will of the Thousands Mask
  • Scorn Mask
  • Emperor Calus Mask

120 Souls

  • Horror Story Auto Rifle

So all in all, you’ll need a grand total of 410 Fragmented Souls to unlock everything.

How to get Fragmented Souls fast

Arekkz has put together a great video outlining the fastest ways to get hold of Fragmented Souls.

If you found it helpful, do make sure to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to the channel. Arekkz produces some fantastic content on Destiny 2 and many other games besides!

For those of you unable to watch the video for whatever reason, we’ve broken down all the key details below.

Amanda Holliday’s Bounties

This one’s pretty simple. Purchase a whole bunch of Festival Bounties from Amanda Holliday in the Tower before anything else!

Haunted Forest

Getting involved in the Haunted Forest activity is your best bet at hoovering up Fragmented Souls fast.

Jump into the Haunted Forest and you’ll be tasked with clearing as many “Branches” or zones as possible within 15 minutes. Once the timer has elapsed, you’ll be teleported to a room with a chest that’ll grant you a handful of Fragmented Souls. The amount you receive will depend on how many branches you completed, plus an extra one on top.

Complete 5 branches for example, and you’ll receive a total of 6 Fragmented Souls.

Chests are another thing to watch out for during your Haunted Forest runs. Crack them open and you’ll receive an extra couple of Fragmented Souls – nice.

So, if you want to get hold of Fragmented Souls fast, you’ll want to gather a fireteam (or hop into matchmaking if you’re a solo player) and rinse and repeat this area.

Finally, make sure you wear your Masks while tackling the Haunted Forest as they provide some really useful bonuses that’ll help you complete each run a little faster.

For an overview of everything that’s arrived with Festival of the Lost, our Festival of the Lost guide has you covered!

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