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Destiny 2: How to complete the Memory of Sai Mota Mission


How to complete this mission in Destiny 2.

Our Memory of Sai Mota guide will explain how and where to find the Memory of Sai Mota in Destiny 2 to access the System core vault.

First things first, you’ll want to grab the bounty “Lunar Spelunker” from Eris Morn. It’s a Weekly Bounty which requires you to loot chests in three of the Moon’s Lost Sectors. In return, you’ll receive a Firewall Data Fragment.

Make sure you have a read of our Where to find the Necromantic Strand guide if you’re struggling to track down this hidden object. Oh, and do make sure you have a glance at our Captive Cord location page to find this elusive item!

Here’s where you can find three of the Moon’s Lost Sectors:

K1 Communion

K1 Crew Quarters

K1 Logistics

Once you’ve looted all three, head on over to K1 Revelation located in Sorrow’s Harbor.

Reach the end of this Lost Sector and you’ll enter an area filled with Acolytes. Hop up to the platform overlooking this area and run into the tunnel. On your right, you’ll bump into a huge door with an ominous looking computer terminal plonked inside.

Next, open up your Bounties tab and click on your completed Lunar Spelunker Weekly Bounty. This will reward you with the Firewall Data Fragment which you’ll need to open the door.

Next, simply open the door and interact with the computer inside! You will complete this Mission and receive two additional quest steps: “Cleansed Essence of Jealousy” and “Sai Mota’s Broken Necklace”.

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