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Destiny 2: How to trigger the Heroic Rift Generator Public Event


How to trigger the Heroic Rift Generator Event in the Dreaming City.

Our Destiny 2 Rift Generator event guide details how to trigger the heroic version of the Rift Generator Public Event in the Dreaming City.

Destiny 2’s latest expansion Forsaken has brought with it an enormous new endgame space called the Dreaming City. It’s chock full of activities, secrets and of course the Last Wish Raid. Being an endgame zone, you won’t be able to access this space until you’ve beaten the Forsaken campaign and fulfilled a number of requirements.

If you’ve been out and about exploring the Dreaming City, then chances are you’ve stumbled into the Rift Generator Public Event – which is tough as nails. You’ll be tasked with clearing waves of Taken and Scorn that spawn in the sea and begin encroaching on the city itself. Blights will spawn, orbs will need collecting and Wizards will need destroying. It’s a high level activity that’ll only be completed by the hardiest of Guardians out there.

This is also true of the Heroic version as you’ll need to be well above 500 Power Level, somewhere in the region of a whopping 550+!

Below we’ll take you through how the Rift Generator Public Event works and how to trigger and complete the Heroic version.

Make sure you check out our Ace of Spaces and Ascendant Challenges pages if you’re after more Forsaken tips and tricks!

How to activate the Heroic Rift Generator Public Event

Here’s how to trigger this Heroic Event, complete it, and earn your rewards.

Clear waves of enemies

There’s nothing for it but to take out the waves of Taken and Scorn that’ll start pouring onto the shore.

Initialize boot sequence and Defend the Generator Core

A powerful orange bar enemy will appear, so take them out, grab the orb they drop and place it inside the Awoken Generator.

Once this happens you’ll need to defend the Awoken Generator for a total of 5 minutes. You’ll need to clear waves of enemies and stop them from tampering with the core as this will lower its “integrity”. If this hits 0, you’ll lose the event, so focus on destroying these mobs as quickly as possible!

Destroy the Blights and Collect Cores

You’ll see Blights appear in the water during your wave clearing, as well as more orange bar enemies that drop cores. These are really important!

Collect cores to refresh your core integrity if it’s taking a beating as the Awoken Generator needs to be above a certain percentile if you want the all-important Blights to spawn.

Destroy the Blights that spawn in the water as fast as possible. We’d recommend using explosive weapons to accelerate the process.

Video by Esoterickk

Destroy all three Blights

Rinse and repeat this wave clearing, orb collecting process and always keep an eye out for any other Taken Blights that spawn on the shore. Your aim here is to eliminate every single one.

Do all of this correctly and the Awoken Generator will start spawning a Taken Blight of its own. This’ll teleport you in the Ascendant Plane and kick off the Heroic part!

Kill the Wizards

Turn around and you’ll see a bunch of Taken Wizards circling an enormous Blight. Simply put, clear the area of any enemies.

Defeat Vakarsik, Grasp of Quria

Clear enough enemies here and it’ll spawn an enormous Taken Boss called Vakarsik. You’ll need to beat this boss in the given time limit, so give it everything you’ve got, i.e Supers, Grenades and Power Weapons too.

Beat Vakarsik and you’ll complete this Heroic Event!

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