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Destiny 2: Insight Terminus guide


A complete walkthrough to help you complete this PS4 exclusive Strike.

Our Insight Terminus guide contains tips, tricks and tactics for making your way through this PS4 exclusive Strike and defeating the end boss Kargen.

Insight Terminus is a PS4 exclusive Strike that’s launching with Destiny 2’s second expansion Warmind. It’s set in the Mists, within a mysterious tunnel network on Nessus and as per usual, you’ll be fighting through waves of terrifying Vex enemies to reach the final threat.

Throughout this Strike, you’ll be battling through waves of Vex grunts in dark caverns while pursuing the big bad boss, Kargen the Technocrat. You’ll encounter a number of tough mini-bosses along the way, and they certainly won’t let you pass by without a fight.

Below we’ve put together a guide that’ll break down all the important encounters and guide you through the whole Insight Terminus Strike. The final section will focus on the final boss fight with Kargen too, so you’ll have no trouble facing him when the time finally comes.

For everything on Destiny 2’s second DLC, have a read through our Warmind DLC guide as it contains absolutely everything you need to know about the new content on offer!

Insight Terminus: Walkthrough

Locate the Insight Terminus

  • Insight Terminus is pretty linear, so you shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out exactly where to go. When you first start off, follow the path that leads into the dark cavern and keep on going.
  • You’ll enter a new zone called the Mists and a new objective will flash up, “Locate the Insight Terminus”.
  • From here on out, you’ll be facing off against the usual mixture of Vex enemies as you make your way through the tunnels.
  • Once you reach the first open expanse, you’ll see Valus Pra’urg in the distance. He’s a huge Cabal enemy who’ll take some serious punishment. Our advice would be to sit back and lay into him with Snipers, Rocket Launchers and the like.
  • Take your time clearing up the area and progress onwards.
  • Eventually you’ll reach the Insight Terminus, a large Vex terminal ascending into the sky.
  • Once you’ve done so, a bunch of Cabal enemies will spawn into the room through the portal directly in front of you.

Pursue Kargen

  • Deal with the threats, and move through into the new area.
  • You’ll reach a new zone called Vinculum Cell. Keep moving forwards and you’ll reach another open area filled with Cabal. Use the pillars for cover and mop up any stragglers.
  • Head on over to the Vex terminal in the distance and Kargen will narrowly escape.
  • Time for another mini-boss!
  • Clear the area of Cabal enemies and begin focusing your efforts on chipping away Val Ghuusk.
  • Supers and explosive weapons work a treat here.
  • When he’s down, have one of your teammates grab the Arc Charge he drops and follow them over to the objective marker, dealing with any threats in the way.
  • Val Urgus will appear this time, so employ the same tactics as last time. Group together and take him out with explosives and any other hard-hitting weapons.
  • Grab the Arc Charge and head on over to the next objective marker, protecting the carrier and clearing up any other threats.
  • Take your time doing so as it can get a little chaotic!
  • When you’re done here, proceed onwards towards the next marker and descend even further into the cavern complex in pursuit of Kargen – watch out for any sheer drops.

Stop Kargen

  • Eventually you’ll come across Kargen, who encases himself in some sort of Vex barrier and unleashes a bunch of Cabal enemies on you.
  • Clear the waves of enemies and look to step in the rings opposite Kargen. Use your abilities to hold out until they’re fully charged up.
  • Kargen will emerge from his cage and it’s now a full on fight with this Technocrat.
  • He’s not too tricky, but be aware of his mobility – he’s quite nippy around the arena.
  • Use the environment as cover, and whenever he comes to a standstill, make sure you pepper him with gunfire, explosives, Supers, the lot.
  • Kargen can shoot three powerful orbs of Void energy which sweep the ground, so watch out for those. Dip into cover when he does so and you’ll be fine.
  • Don’t forget about any of the additional enemies within the arena, and clear them out so you aren’t swamped.
  • Whenever he encases himself in a barrier above the arena, make sure you locate the next energy, stand in it and wait until it’s fully charged to continue the fight.
  • Keep putting out the damage and Kargen will definitely hit the floor!

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