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Destiny 2: Lost Sectors guide – Nessus, EDZ, Io and Titan locations and walkthroughs


Our complete guide to finding and finishing every Lost Sector in Destiny 2.

Our Destiny 2: Lost Sectors guide contains locations walkthroughs for the Nessus, EDZ, Io, Titan and Mercury mini-dungeons.

Destiny 2 introduces a new feature to the game series called Lost Sectors. These special dungeons are sprinkled throughout the world, and offer up a reasonable challenge in exchange for some new armour and weapons for your collection. They’re repeatable too, essentially rendering the first game’s famous loot cave a game feature in its own right!

Now that the game is finally out we wanted to bring together everything we know about this new content in one place. Right now we’ve got a breakdown of all of the different Lost Sectors in the game, and we’ve worked on specific guides for finishing each and every one.

Editor’s UPDATE #10: Just below we’ve added a brand new section in which will tell you how to find the brand new Lost Sector on Mercury. Stay tuned for further updates in the near future!

Mercury Lost Sectors

With Destiny 2’s first expansion comes a brand new planet called Mercury. It’s a scorching hot, rocky desert environment filled with Cabal and Vex enemies, not to mention the enormous Infinite Forest area.

On top of this, there’s one Lost Sector you can delve into on this planet. Here’s where you’ll find it.

  • Imagine you’ve just exited the Lighthouse, turn right and drop down.
  • From here you’ll want to skirt the edge of the map to the left and simply keep going.
  • Eventually there’s a rock ahead which will sport the Lost Sector logo – it’s hard to miss.
  • Just ahead there will be the Lost Sector entrance.

If you’re struggling to find it, here’s a video which will help you out.

Nessus Lost Sectors

To help you track down every one of the Nessus Lost Sectors, we’ve put together a guide for finding each one. If you need more detailed help, we’ve also linked to individual guides which should contain everything you need to know if you’re really struggling!

If there’s anything else you’d like to see added, just let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Artifact’s Edge (Nessus)

The Orrery is the Lost Sector located in the Artifact’s Edge region of Nessus. The entrance point is right by the map marker, and once inside you’ll have to finish off Thyrdron – and cronies – to get your hands on the loot cache key.

We’ve put together a separate walkthrough for The Orrery, linked below, which takes you right through the whole experience, from finding the entrance point to killing the boss.

Exodus Black (Nessus)

There’s only one Lost Sector in the Exodus Black section of Nessus, and it’s called The Rift. Simply make your way to the Exodus Black Landing Zone, then head to the a little area behind the ship engine. When you’re inside, you’ll have to defeat Talas Dusk before you can open up the chest.

If you’d like a more detailed walkthrough for the encounter, just have a look at our complete walkthrough for The Rift below.

Glade of Echoes (Nessus)

The Glade of Echoes contains one Lost Sector in total, and it’s called The Carrion Pit. Head to the icon marked on your mini-map, then look for a pile of rubble leading down into a tunnel made out of shipping containers. Once you’re properly inside the Lost Sector, you’ll have to clear all of the enemies out, then topple Narikas Reborn before you can get your hands on the key that opens the loot cache.

If you’d like a little more insight into how to complete this Lost Sector, make sure you take a look through our comprehensive walkthrough for The Carrion Pit, linked below. The video contained in it makes finding the entrance point an absolute doddle.

The Cistern (Nessus)

The Cistern’s Lost Sector is called The Conflux. Once you’re at the location marker, have a look for the entrance which can be found in the middle of a Vex structure that’s crashed into the rubble. When you enter, you’ll need to clear out the camp and kill Primus Cal’aug before you can open up the loot cache inside.

For an in-depth look at this Lost Sector, make sure you have a look through our complete walkthrough for The Conflux. The video contained in it will help you find the entrance point with ease.

The Tangle (Nessus)

There’s just the one Lost Sector in The Tangle region of Nessus, and it’s called Ancient’s Haunt. Once you’re at the location marker, the actual entrance point is pretty self-evident. Inside awaits your loot cache, but you’ll have to wipe out Pakrion and all of his entourage before you can actually open it up and get your hands on the rewards.

In the walkthrough below, we’ve got a video guide which shows you exactly where the entrance point is, and what you’ll have to fight through once you’ve made your way into the Lost Sector complex itself.

European Dead Zone (EDZ)

There are 16 Lost Sectors to be plundered in the European Dead Zone. Here’s a link to every guide and a little help finding each entrance thrown in too:


There are three Lost Sectors to be found in the Outskirts, meaning it’s one area you’ll want to explore thoroughly for that glorious loot. Starting with The Drain, you can’t really miss this one as its symbol is marked directly above “The Outskirts” on the map – but it can catch you off guard with a tricksy route inside.

Look for a tunnel underneath the bridge marked on the map, proceed through, take a right at the fork and another right turn at the next.

The entrance to Whispered Falls is a minute hole leading into a darkened tunnel network. Once you’re in, battle your way through the enemies until you reach the chasm, jump across the ledges to your left and take on Keldrick Drained Captain to grab his cache key.

Finally, Scavenger’s Den has a pretty sizeable entrance when you rock up to its location on the map. Bypass the exploding laser traps and defeat Graxus Blind Captain to loot this Lost Sector.

In the list below, we’ve got video walkthroughs to guide you through each of these Lost Sectors.


Thankfully, each Lost Sector in Trostland is relatively easy to find. Atrium is located inside the church where Devrim Kay hangs out and it’s where the Adventure A New Frontier takes you. Terminus East is found outside the church to the right. Look for a small opening in one of the metal doors and drop down into the train station. Lastly, Widow’s Walk isn’t too far from the church either. Search for the building with the Lost Sector symbol on emblazoned on the front and swing right, taking you through into the mini-boss room.

We’ve got links to guides for each of these Lost Sectors below.

The Sludge

Hallowed Grove can be found just behind a rock marked with the Lost Sector symbol. Cavern of Souls is lurking beneath an abandoned warehouse and Shaft 13 is located among rubble near the map marker. All of our guides are just down below.

Winding Cove

To find The Weep head on over to the map marker and keep an eye out for a suspect pile of large rocks and branches. Hop onto it, peer inside and jump in to access this Lost Sector. Flooded Chasm is found just underneath a broken bridge and can be accessed by heading through the cave entrance.

Take a look at our step by step walkthroughs for further info on how to loot these Lost Sectors.

Firebase Hades

In order to find Excavation Site XII you’ll have to look for a little cave entrance once you’ve travelled to the map marker.The Pit lies in a tunnel near the map marker that runs underneath the base itself.Pathfinder’s Crash is on the outskirts of the Firebase, just look out for a Lost Sector symbol near a cavern entrance to find it.

Check out our complete walkthroughs below so you can get looting right away!

Sunken Isles

Close to the map marker for Skydock IV is an underpass that runs through the base. Proceed along this underpass, hop on the ledge to the right and go through the opening in the wall. You’ll come to a hole in the ground, so dive into that to access this Lost Sector.

The Quarry is a little easier to find as it’s simply a cave entrance with a hard to miss Lost Sector symbol above it. Wander inside and defeat Fortifier Yann to take home the goodies.

For further details, our guides below will contain everything you need to know.

Io Lost Sectors

Io has three Lost Sectors to work through and we’ve got walkthroughs to help you find and loot every single one.

To find the Grove of Ulan-Tan head on over to the Lost Oasis landing zone and turn left as soon as you spawn in. Continue straight ahead and through a few pools of blue water until you come to a long rock protruding from the ground. Directly opposite this is the Lost sector symbol, so continue straight ahead and into the cavern entrance to get this encounter underway.

The Sanctum of Bones is located near The Rupture’s landing zone. Spawn there and proceed straight ahead and down a path that slopes down to the left. You’ll see the Lost Sector symbol on the rock in front of you, so head straight into the cave ahead.

Io’s final Lost Sector Aphix Conduit is also located at The Rupture, but this time you’ll want to hop on your Sparrow and dash all the way to the edge of the map as soon as you spawn in. Eventually you’ll come to an entrance tucked away in low lying cave.

For full walkthroughs, our guides below will contain everything you need to know.

Lost Oasis

The Rupture

Titan Lost Sectors

There are just three Lost Sectors to be hunted down on Titan, but they’re all worth finding in the never-ending quest for better and better gear!

In this section of our guide, you’ll find a basic explainer for finding the entrance point for each one, but do make sure you check the individual links if you still find yourself struggling. Each one contains a video walkthrough which will make life even easier.

Siren’s Watch (Titan)

Methane Flush is the only Lost Sector to be found in the Siren’s Watch region of Titan. From the Landing Zone, simply jump down to the lowest walkway just ahead and on the left-hand side of the platform in front of you. You’ll need to beat the Captain inside to get your hands on his loot!

If you’re struggling to find that entrance point, make sure you check out the walkthrough that we’ve linked below for a video guide to locating and beating the encounter.

The Rig (Titan)

There’s a total of two Lost Sectors to find in The Rig area.

DS Quarters-2 can be found by crossing the bridge that leads from Siren’s Watch to The Rig, then looking for the Bay marked with a big number 3. Head beneath this sign and if you look to your right you should be able to see the circular entrance point pretty easily.

Cargo Bay 3 is found very nearby (as you’d probably expect from the name!), but this time take a sharp left just before passing under the sign we mentioned in the last description. Head to the very edge of the platform, jump over the railing onto the lower walkway, then go into the room with the stairs. Head down and work your way through the tunnels to find the next Lost Sector.

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