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Destiny 2: Nightfall Exodus Crash Strike guide – tips, tactics and strategies


Our updated walkthrough for how to beat this Strike on Nightfall difficulty.

Our Nightfall Exodus Crash guide for Destiny 2 contains tips, tricks and tactics for each encounter, and a walkthrough for beating this tough challenge.

Exodus Crash is one of the five new Strikes that are now available with the launch of Destiny 2. It’s recommended that you only head into this group challenge when you have a power level of 140 on the standard difficulty, which shouldn’t be too hard to achieve by the time this content has actually unlocked for you!

Basic version not quite enough of a challenge for you? Well, if you want to tackle the Nightfall edition – with damage and time modifiers galore – you’ll need to have 230 Power to step through the door, and a little extra on top of this will make life a lot easier. Much, much easier in fact, as we’ve found these challenges to be quite a step up in difficulty since we’ve started playing them ourselves.

Assuming you’ve got the necessary gear for the vanilla version of the encounter though, here’s a complete walkthrough for making it all the way through to the end of Exodus Crash, where Thaviks awaits you for a final fiery showdown.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Campaign walkthrough and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

BREAKING!: Due to a known glitch in this week’s Exodus Crash Nightfall Strike, Bungie has taken this one offline and replaced it with the Nightfall Pyramidion Strike instead.

Nightfall: Exodus Crash tips – Tuesday 17th October 2017

With the weekly reset comes the next Nightfall Strike taking place in Exodus Crash – arguably one of the toughest Strikes in the game!

For those unfamiliar with the Nightfall concept, each week a Strike is chosen to be raised in difficulty using two modifiers that drastically alter the way things traditionally play out. On top of this, players will have to race against the clock to complete the Strike in time as there’s a strict time limit in place. It’s brilliant fun, as you’re constantly scrabbling to gain time back and coming up with unique strategies on the fly.

Nightfall Strikes are for Guardians who relish a really tough challenge, and – of course – the chance to bag some max-level gear. Let’s not forget that completing them also count towards your weekly Milestones and Clan rewards too – so it’s absolutely worth getting a fireteam together to take one on.

The Nightfall modified Exodus Crash is a rather tricky customer, so we’ve prepared a number of tips and tricks that’ll guide you through and help you beat this challenge.

Nightfall: Modifiers

We’ll overhaul this section when we get some hands on time with the Nightfall ourselves – stay tuned!

The modifiers affecting Exodus Crash this week are:

  • Prism
  • Timewarp: Rings

Prism sees the energy type change periodically, meaning you’ll have to match it to deal bonus damage to enemies. If you don’t, you’ll do far less damage to targets. We highly recommend taking in a nice balance of energy weapons, so you always have a member of your fireteam dealing bonus damage at all times.

Rings means a set of large white rings will appear in certain sections of the Strike. Jumping through a hoop will earn you +30 seconds on the timer, once one has been activated they will only hang in the air for a limited amount of time.

We highly recommend coordinating what elemental weapons your fireteam are bringing into the Nightfall so you’ve always got one member dealing bonus damage to targets.

Another quick tip for the rings. You don’t have to activate them straight away! Sometimes it’s best to clear the area first and jump through afterwards so you’re completely unhindered.

Nightfall: Tips and Tricks

Arc Pulses 1

  • When you first start off, there’s a Ring straight ahead and another off on the ridge to the left.
  • As you make your way towards more Arc Pulses, you’ll see far more Rings dead ahead. It’s important here to split up and tackle these on feet.
  • You can largely ignore most of the enemies you encounter in this starting area, but do be wary of the Fallen Pikes as they can hit particularly hard.
  • As you progress up the hill, call out which Rings you’re going for and don’t start jumping through them until you’re all lined up and ready to go. When ready, attempt to jump through as many as possible at the same time.
  • It pays to be patient when clearing out the Fallen as you ascend up the slope. Pay attention to Prism and you’ll be fine.

Defending Ghost

  • First things first, ensure that you’re prioritising Shanks every time they spawn and have at least one of you standing near Ghost at all times.
  • Next it’s a case of holding your ground and paying attention to Prism. Once your chosen element arises, make the most of it and let loose with a Super or nicely placed grenade.
  • As soon as the percentage bar hits 100%, get out of there no matter if there are enemies still lurking about.

Arc Pulses 2

  • There aren’t any Rings to worry about here, so hop on your Sparrows, split up and career through them as quickly as you can.
  • Once you’re done, move on to the Fallen Walker.
  • Keep an eye out for the Heavy Pike markers midway down the slope to the Walker. If everyone grabs one, this’ll make the Walker far easier to take down. Otherwise, hit it with a barrage of explosive power ammo and it’ll go down easy.
  • As soon as it’s down, run into the dark lit area before the boss room.
  • Platform your way up and clear the Fallen as you go until a bunch of Rings spawn above you. Whatever you do, don’t activate them just yet.
  • Instead, ascend to the top and clear out the mobs. You’ll notice that the Rings are grouped in threes, so all it takes is to hop on top and you’ll float through them all in one go.
  • Split up and platform your way over to each group of Rings. Use the environment to clamber above them and hop through at the same time.
  • Try not to worry if you miss out on a lot. So long as you’ve got around 9 minutes remaining on the clock, you should have enough time to take down the final boss.

Defeat Thaviks, the Depraved

  • Prioritise Shanks whenever you see them so they don’t electrify the entire area.
  • Clear each wave of enemies diligently as this is ensures that you won’t waste any time with Thaviks spawning in – he’s quite temperamental.
  • As soon as he appears, make sure everyone laying into him with power weapons. Take into account what Prism modifier is currently active and hit him hard.
  • We recommend Swords, Fusions Rifles, Shotguns and Rocket Launchers to chunk his health bar and clear waves.
  • If you’re considering popping your Super on Thaviks, make sure you do it as soon as he spawns in. After taking so many hits he’ll disappear, so hitting him straight away will avoid wasting your Super charge.
  • Don’t be afraid to pop a Super to clear mobs too.
  • So your main routine should be: Prioritise the Shanks, clear the mobs, hit Thaviks really hard – repeat.
  • Good luck Guardian, you’ve got this!


Clear the Main trench and reach the Transmitter Chamber

The Strike begins in the Prodromus Down region of Nessus and right from the start you’ll have to deal with a pretty intimidating chunk of enemies. It’s recommended that you deal with this pack methodically, and deal with the Fanatics in particular from range. If you don’t, you run the risk that they’ll detonate close to you, and you’ll find that they can inflict a pretty intimidating amount of explosive damage!

Located all around you’ll notice patches of light that reach up into the sky. Have the team break off and go to investigate each one of these pillars, and if you’ve unlocked our Sparrow, you shouldn’t be afraid to jump onto a vehicle to get this relatively tame part of the Strike wrapped up nice and quickly.

Just be conscious of enemy locations while you’re going about this, and keep a very close eye on those bothersome Fanatics. There’s always someone in the team who needs to be resurrected during this process, so keep an eye out for fallen comrades too!

As you make your way uphill you’ll have to destroy a load of Minotaur and Goblin enemies before handling the Vandals who lie a little further ahead. Another pack of enemies – which includes some Shanks as well as a Captain – also lies between you and the indoors section you need to reach a little further up ahead.

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Cargo Storage and Transmitter Chamber

Keep heading forwards and right into the transmitter chamber itself, clearing your way through the Dregs and the Goblins.

When you’ve finished clearing the enemies out of the room ahead, make your way over to the yellow beacon that should be pretty easy to spot. While the data is being extracted from this transmitter, you’re going to have to defend yourselves against a wide variety of enemy types, so be ready for a pretty intense firefight.

Watch out in particular for the Shanks who electrocute the floor. In total you’ll have to deal with several waves of Goblins, Shanks, and then two of those tricky Servitors. Because of the immunity protection granted to the other enemies by these Servitors, it’s vital that you take them down as a priority. This is a common mechanic you’ll encounter in Destiny 2, so make this target prioritisation second nature!

Stick to the transmitter area, use the available cover when you can, and make sure you kill the Servitors before switching your attention directly to the Shanks. When they’re all dead, you should be in much better position to mop up any other trash that’s still lurking about, and do so without losing any teammates.

The fight’s not over just because you’ve taken out the trash, however. Once the Servitors have been taken out of action you’ll have to fight a Hydra. Focus the Hydra down, then deal with the Fanatics before they can get close to you. When all these enemies are dead, you’ll be able to move onto the next phase of the Strike.

Reach the Fallen Base and kill the Walker

You’ll have to analyze more of those electrical points at this stage of the Strike. You can either attack these one by one as a group, or just spread out and tap each one individually. Just be ready to leg it quickly if you find yourself getting overwhelmed, and make your way to the next zone as quickly as possible

To deal with the mechanical monster Walker you come to, shoot at its legs so that it eventually exposes a weak spot – it’s coloured orange and is situated at a point between its head and its body. There will be Shank enemies to deal with during this fight as well, but if you keep exposing this weak spot you’ll take the mini-boss down in pretty short order.

As soon as this metal enemy is out for the count, make your way into the entrance point it was guarding before you showed up and ruined its day. At this point you should all be able to mount a Pike vehicle now, so just race down towards the massive pile of wreckage to start the encounter against…a Fallen Walker! Once again, kill the Shanks as a priority and then concentrate your team’s firepower on the main target whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

The next area you’re about to enter into is extremely dark and you’ll have to fight your way in. The first section here contains plenty of Vandals, Wretches and Dregs, and you’ll also need to do a fair bit of platform jumping too. Take your time, deal with the enemies you encounter as you reach them, and you’ll find this section pretty easy.

To help guide you on your way, use the orange lighting which will lead you towards your next destination, and be ready to deal with enemies on each platform that you move to. When you reach the end of this section, make sure the entire team is together so that you pass through into the final boss encounter together.

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Tips, tricks and tactics for killing Thaviks

Thaviks both moves quickly and packs a mean ranged weapon, so you’re going to have to stay extremely nimble if you’re to survive through the fight. Although his ranged attacks are pretty intense, he can also dish out a fair bit of melee damage too, so watch your distance and always be ready to move away from melee danger. You and the rest of your team need to be switched on here.

He’ll also put up a sort of cloaking shield during the encounter as well, but if you track his shimmering form you’ll have no trouble continuing your team’s onslaught. Just keep firing away, and be aware that it can be harder to spot his melee approaches while he’s somewhat obscured in this state.

Work together to remove a third of his health as quickly as you can, although one or two of your buddies might need to break off to deal with the Vandals and Shanks that will appear. It depends entirely on your team skill level and equipment really, but communicate with each other so you have all areas covered.

Someone should also do their best to take out the Shanks that appear in this area throughout the fight. They electrify sections of the floor, and if the team gets caught up in this – easy to do when you’re running from Thaviks, then they’ll take damage and have their movement slowed. Combined, this can prove to be a deadly problem.

Once you’ve chipped off a third of the boss’s health though, he’ll scurry back to safety, then move towards the entrance, spawning more mobs for you to deal with.

Take another chunk of his health off, and he’ll scuttle off once more until you’ve cleared the room of trash. After you’ve done so, he becomes even more frenzied, favouring a melee-based assault from here on out. There’ll also be more of those floor-charging Shanks to contend with as well.

Just keep your nerve, work together, perform your role correctly and eventually you’ll get him down.

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