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Destiny 2: Nightfall Strike – The Inverted Spire Tips, Tactics and Strategies


Our guide-in-progress to beating Destiny 2’s second Nightfall Strike

Advanced tips, tactics and strategies for beating the Nightfall version of The Inverted Spire, including details of the timers and modifier involved.

This week’s Nightfall Strike in Destiny 2 takes place in The Inverted Spire, and you’ll have to prepare yourself for a pretty intense time of things if last week’s fight in The Arms Dealer is anything to by!

For those unfamiliar with the Nightfall concept, each week a Strike is hit with two modifiers that completely alter the way it plays. First things first, you’ll have a time restriction that’ll boot you out if you don’t finish the Strike in time. On top of this, there are always two game-changing tweaks that’ll both hinder and help you overcome the challenge. It really mixes up the usual encounters and can turn previously manageable scenarios into hard as nails firefights.

It’s for Guardians who want a real challenge, in other words, and a higher chance of bagging some max-level loot. Don’t forget that completing it also counts towards your Milestones – and even Clan rewards too – so it’s well worth getting a fireteam together and diving in.

Beating a Nightfall Strike is no mean feat, so we’ve put together a handy guide that’ll help you beat this challenge, both drawing on our own experience as well as those of the community too.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)


Attrition will make the Inverted Spire quite a bit tougher than normal. Here’s the official description, “Health and shield regeneration is significantly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light. Collect these to restore your health and charge your Super.”

Time Warp: Killing Time is a simple way claiming your time back, but it also means you can’t rush through too many sections. The official description reads, “Defeat enemies to extend the mission timer, up to a limit.”

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Tips and Tricks

This section is currently a work in progress, and we’ll continue overhauling and adding more detailed strategies as we get more hands on time with this Nightfall Strike – keep this page bookmarked for further tips and tricks coming soon.

Part One

  • As soon as you start off, hop on your Sparrow and proceed towards the first mob of Vex.
  • Stay at a distance and pick them all off. Don’t be afraid to use your grenades and any explosive power weapons to clear the mobs quickly.
  • Platform across to the other side and completely ignore the next set of enemies. Run to the left and straight through the center of the two Cyclops’ before boosting over to the other side.
  • Drop down into the next section and peer over the edge to take out some of the Vex mobs. Have one of your squad hop over to the right platform and shoot down from there as it’s a safe zone.
  • Next it’s a case of hanging back and picking off all the Vex enemies methodically. It’s important to be patient here and focus on surviving. Avoid getting carried away as you’ll waste more time dead than you will taking them all out gradually.
  • Once you’re through, hop on your Sparrow, keep to the left and power across the open battlefield to the end. Pick off the Psions on top of the circular buildings and then turn your attention to Colossus perched atop a building on your right.
  • You need to take out the Bloodguard Legionaries who are near the large Cabal boosters. Hang back and hit them with your power weapons to break their shields before hitting them hard with your favourite weapon of choice.
  • When they’re down, clear the area, activate the boosters and fly over to the other side.

Part Two

  • When you’ve reached the other side, grenade the mob directly ahead and drop down.
  • Immediately interact with the lever and prepare to hold off against waves of the Vex.
  • Watch the percentage to the left and only hang around until that reaches 100%. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to pop your Super and stick near the lever itself as that’s the safest place to be.
  • As soon as it hits 100%, sprint through the booster, land and sprint past the next set of enemies. If you can, stick to the left, get on your Sparrow and blast your way past them.
  • Descend down to the next set of enemies, but instead of facing them, hug the outer left edge and ignore them all.
  • Now you’ll have to dodge your way past the terrifying drills. We recommend committing as soon as there’s an opening and sprinting non-stop. Take some extra time to dodge or regain your composure – this is infinitely better than team wiping and losing even more time.
  • Remember, only one person needs to make it to the boss room. Everyone will be teleported to them automatically!

Defeating Protheon, Modular Mind

  • It’s vital you’re dealing with the Harpies as soon as they start spawning in. Have one Guardian prioritise this, while the other focus on whittling down Protheon’s health.
  • In his second phase, make sure you’re following the same protocol. Ensure you’re clearing mobs and hitting Protheon hard. Save grenades for mobs as you’re getting more bang for your buck this way.
  • In his third phase, have one person draw his attention while the other two lay into him. Use your Supers liberally as well!

We’ll have more tricks for the boss fight coming soon!


This particular Nightfall Strike has a time limit of 12 minutes. If you don’t complete the Strike within that time, you’ll be kicked back to orbit again, meaning that it’s pretty unforgiving and adds an extra element of tension too.

It’s also worth noting that the general timers affects resurrection of fallen teammates. Being taken out in battle means that you can’t be revived for five seconds. Once that timer reaches zero, an ally can get you back up. If no one’s about to resurrect you though, you’re able to respawn after 20 seconds of sitting there in frustration, twiddling your thumbs.

With only 11 minutes to complete The Inverted Spire, that’s a whole two minutes less than last week’s Nightfall Strike. Something tells us these events are only going to get harder!

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