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Destiny 2: Niobe Labs guide – How to solve puzzles and Niobe’s Torment


UPDATE: Level 6 complete.

Our Niobe Labs puzzle guide details how to complete the Niobe Labs puzzles and Niobe’s Torment.

The Niobe Labs puzzle remains unfinished as players still scramble to unlock its mysteries. We’ll update this guide with future steps as soon as they’ve been discovered!

Destiny 2’s latest Black Armory update, the Niobe Labs, is pretty different to all the other activities released this season. It’s comprised of a number of increasingly difficult puzzles and a smattering of challenging encounters. What lies at the end of all this remains to be seen, however, as players are still working out how to get past the final few sections.

Once the Niobe Labs puzzle sequence has been completed, it will unlock the final forge activity for all players (Bergusia). If you want to hop in and see if you can figure out how to complete the Niobe Labs puzzle, we’ve put together a guide which’ll get you as far as possible.

How to access the Niobe Labs

The Niobe Labs puzzle is located in the Sojourner’s Camp region of the EDZ, which is right at the bottom of the map.

We’ve embedded a video by wG on Xbox which shows you exactly where to find the entrance and get cracking on with all the puzzles.

What you’ll need

The first few sections of the Niobe Labs can be completed solo, but you’ll need a fireteam once you’ve reached Level 3 of Niobe’s Torment. What’s more, everyone will need the Black Armory specific Sniper, Bow and Machine Gun in order to advance.

It goes without saying that you’ll want to be at a pretty high Power Level, ideally nearing the level cap of 650 as the enemies are tough as nails.

How to complete Puzzle sections

Puzzle #1

There are screens on the pillars around the arena which bring up various symbols if you scope in using a Black Armory weapon.

First off, you need to shoot the Stone, Wind and Fire symbols with their respective Black Armory weapons.

  • Stone – Bow
  • Sniper – Wind
  • MG – Fire

You will hear an audio cue if you have completed this section correctly.

Do make sure you watch Esoterickk’s video as it shows you exactly how to get past these two puzzles.

Puzzle #2

Next, you need to move between various symbols with each weapon and, you guessed it, shoot more symbols. This can be done in any order.

Machine Gun

  • Shoot Storm.
  • Stand on Moon and shoot T+HREBFLU+


  • Stand on Tiger and shoot: Fish, Lotus, Temple.
  • Stand on Dragon and shoot: Archway, Rabbit, Bamboo, Temple.
  • Stand on Fish and shoot: Lotus.


  • Stand on Morning and shoot: Missive, Trees, Water, Rose.
  • Stand on Wind and shoot: Missive, Missive.
  • Stand on Morning and shoot: Missive, Rose, Water.

You will hear an audio cue if successful.

A blue crate will spawn on the lower platform. Interact with it to begin the Niobe’s Torment section.

Niobe’s Torment

For a complete overview of levels 1-6 below, make sure you give Esotericck’s video a watch below. Do consider subscribing as well, he’s one of the best Destiny 2 content creators out there!

Level 1

Stand on Hand and shoot the letters for “BUTTERFLY” with Hammerhead equipped.

Level 2

Stand on Hand and shoot Fire + Storm with Hammerhead equipped.

Switch to the Sniper, stand on Fish and shoot Rabbit + Lotus.

Level 3

This part requires at least three Fireteam members. Each of you needs to equip one of the three Black Armory weapons and complete the steps below at the same time.

  • Bow: Stand on Wind, shoot Water.
  • Sniper: Stand on Dragon, shoot Bamboo.
  • MG: Stand on Star, shoot Fire.

A powerful Servitor will appear, destroy it.

Level 4

Spell out the word “FLY” while Airborne.

Level 5

Another case of using different weapons for different symbols.

  • Bow: Butterfly
  • Sniper: Fish
  • MG: Hand

Level 6

Everyone needs to stand on Butterfly with the Bow equipped. Now shoot the Forest symbol in sync over and over again.

Level 7

Currently no one has worked out how to get through this stage. We’ll report back once the solution has been discovered!

In the meantime, the video above by Esoterickk outlines how to complete level 6 and what happens when you do so.

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