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Destiny 2: Override Frequency guide – Sleeper Node locations and Nascent Dawn


How to unlock Override Frequencies and find all Sleeper Nodes across the map.

Our Destiny 2 Override Frequency guide contains everything you need to know about how to unlock Override Frequencies, Nascent Dawn, find all Sleeper Nodes and their rewards.

You’ve probably noticed these strange floating objects while out and about shooting the Hive and Cabal on the surface of Mars in Destiny 2’s latest expansion Warmind. Try and crack them open without fulfilling the necessary requirements and they’ll tell you to find the correct Override Frequency – but what does this actually mean?

Turns out there are quite a number of steps to complete before you can even begin to open up these Warmind collectibles, and it’s a process that isn’t particularly straightforward either. You’ll need to grab specific items, beat certain quests and invest a number of hours into the expansion before you can start grabbing your rewards.

Below we’ve put together a guide that’ll take you through how to get started on Override Frequencies and where to find all the Sleeper Nodes across Destiny 2’s map.

Special thanks goes to Redditors’ benisuber and swegmesterflex who compiled a tonne of very helpful information on these Override Frequencies. Props also go to Esoterickk and Tony_TwoToes who gave us info on all Sleeper Node locations and the rewards for obtaining them all.

When you’re done here, make sure you take a look through our Lost Memory Fragments guide! It’ll take you through all 45 locations across Destiny 2’s map – very handy indeed.

Editor’s UPDATE: We’ve added in a brand new “How to get Resonate Stems” section just below which illustrates all the different methods of obtaining them, as well as a quick farming strategy too!

How do I unlock Override Frequencies?

In order to unlock these music boxes, you’ll need to go through a rather lengthy process. We’ve broken down all the steps for you below.

Nascent Dawn, Resonate Stems and Sleeper Nodes

  • Complete the Warmind main story.
  • Complete all Ana Bray’s quests on Mars.
  • You’ll unlock the Nascent Dawn 1/5 Pursuit Quest once you’ve done so. Return to Ana Bray to pick it up.
  • To complete this Nascent Dawn quest, you’ll need to beat 3 Patrols and 1 Lost Sector.
  • Complete these Patrols and the Lost Sector to acquire 4 Resonate Stems.
  • Combine these Resonate Stems into an Override Frequency item.
  • The Override Frequency looks like a string of code and is connected to a specific Sleeper Node.
  • The last three words of an Override Frequency will give you a clue as to where the music box is located.
  • You’ll know if you’re in the right area as you’ll hear music playing as soon as you arrive. As you get closer to the Sleeper Node’s location, the music grows in intensity, so use it as your guide.
  • Unlock your first Sleeper Node and return to Ana to receive a Warmind Engram and confirmation that there are 40 of these Sleeper Nodes scattered around the map.
  • She’ll also give you some data which you can load into a nearby console (Socket Diary) to receive “The Unsolvable Problem”.
  • Now that you’ve reached this point. You can complete additional Patrols, Public Events, Lost Sectors or loot chests from high value targets to obtain more Resonate Stems. This will allow you to craft more Override Frequencies, and in turn, unlock more music boxes!

Video by MoreConsole, watch the first few minutes for a nice summary of the process.

Deciphering Sleeper Nodes

As we’ve pointed out above, every Override Frequency corresponds to a specific Sleeper Node. They’ve all got a string of code that’ll help you identify which Sleeper Node you’ll be able to unlock.

Figuring it out can be challenging at first, but once you know how one code string works, you’ll know how they all work.

So, for example we’ve got the string “CB.NAV/RUN.()Drift.Subterrane.Cliffside”.

First things first, ignore the whole “CB.NAV/RUN.()” part of the string as it’s meaningless. All ther terms after this section are clues to the Sleeper Node’s location, however.

“Drift” refers to the area “Glacial Drift”, while “Subterrane” and “Cliffside” mean that the Sleeper Node is locted on a hidden cliffside in this location. Turns out that this Sleeper Node can be found just outside a Lost Sector entrance right on a cliff edge in the Glacial Drift area!

How to get Resonate Stems

To unlock more Sleeper Nodes, you’ll need to get hold of more Resonate Stems – but what are the best ways of doing so?

Combining four Resonate Stems will create one Override Frequency, and completing any activity within Warmind’s expansion will grant you Resonate Stems.

Here’s a list of all the activities that’ll grant you 1 or 2 Resonate Stems:

  • Lost Sectors – 1
  • Patrol Missions – 1
  • Daily Challenges – 1
  • Public Events (Heroic versions grant double) – 1 or 2
  • Defeating High-Value Targets – 1

For the quickest way to farm Resonate Stems, you’ll want to head to the Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector located in the Glacial Drift area.

It’s incredibly short, and if you perfect the run you’ll be able to get hold of a Resonate Stem once every couple of minutes. Simply run past all the enemies and take down the end-boss. Rinse and repeat this process.

We’ve seen Dan00tz use Orpheus Rig + Tractor Cannon as a Hunter to clear this Lost Sector incredibly fast. For Titans and Warlocks we’d recommend picking subclasses and weapons that’ll be perfect for rapidly clearing waves of enemies.

Sleeper Node Locations

All Locations

For a complete list of all the Sleeper Nodes and pictures of their locations, make sure you check out benisuber’s Reddit thread. There’s even a Google Doc list created by Redditor Ciej which’ll help you track them all down!

Helpful Video Resources

Another Youtuber who goes by the name of Esoterickk has produced a video which showcases all 40 Sleeper Node locations…now that’s dedication.

This video is exceptionally helpful as some of these Sleeper Nodes are tucked away in some very difficult places to find. Esoterickk eliminates any of the fuss, so do make sure you drop a subscription as his Destiny 2 content is easily some of the best out there.

Sleeper Node Rewards

Redditor Tony_TwoToes has put together an incredibly detailed thread on the rewards he received for unlocking the 40th Sleeper Node, as well as what sort of goodies he earned along the way.

Make sure you check out his thread, as it contains images of all the rewards, as well as the names of all the Sleeper Nodes and the order in which he unlocked them – amazing stuff.

Here’s a quick summary of what rewards you’ll earn for collecting Sleeper Nodes:

  • Braytech Schematics – Turn them into Ana Bray for Warmind Engrams.
  • Alpha Umi Ship
  • Arctic Dreamscape (Shader)
  • The Mad Monk (Shader)
  • Legendary Engrams

And here’s what you’ll earn for collecting the final, 40th Sleeper Node (it’s a little disappointing).

  • Warminded (Legendary Emblem) – Shows that you’ve collected 40 Sleeper Nodes. Doesn’t seem to serve any other purpose.
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