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Destiny 2: Prismatic Matrix guide – How to get more Prismatic Facets


How to get more Prismatic Facets and spend them in the new Warmind Eververse store.

Our Prismatic Matrix guide explains how to get more Prismatic Facets and spend them in the new section of the Eververse store.

One of the new features that’s being launched with Destiny 2’s Warmind DLC is something known as the Prismatic Matrix. This is a new section of the Eververse inventory UI that allows you to gain access to items that would otherwise have been much harder to get through the usual channels.

In our Prismatic Matrix guide, we’ve got a simple explanation of how the new system works, along with all of the known ways for getting your hands on more Prismatic Facets (the currency that powers the Matrix).

We’ll update this article as we learn more, but this should give you a pretty decent grounding in how the new system will work at launch. Check out our Destiny 2 Warmind guide for the lowdown on everything else coming with the new DLC!

Prismatic Matrix Overview

Here’s the simple lowdown on how the Prismatic Matrix actually works:

  • Each week a total of ten Eververse items will be featured in the Prismatic Matrix. These items are the same for every player.
  • When a new weekly reset rolls around, players who have reached the new level cap of 30 (and have levelled up once more to the Well-Rested state) will receive something called a Prismatic Facet.
  • You can exchange a Prismatic Facet for an item in the Matrix stack. The item you receive is selected at random.
  • Any items you already own will be automatically disqualified from the rewards pool. You don’t have to worry about duplicates you’ve already invested in.
  • If you own every item that’s currently listed in the Matrix, you won’t be able to spend your Prismatic Facet.
  • You can hold onto a maximum of three Prismatic Facets at any one time.

How to get more Prismatic Facets

You can stack the Prismatic Facets you receive up to a maximum of three. You can gain more Facets by either waiting for the weekly reset, or by purchasing more at a cost of 200 Silver each time. Just remember the stack limit when it comes to banking these items.

That wraps up the first edition of our guide to buying items through the Prismatic Matrix. If and when new methods for gaining more Prismatic Facets become available, we’ll update this article again.

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