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Destiny 2: Season Pass explained – Price, Rewards and Leveling


Everything you need to know about Destiny 2's new Season Pass system.

Our Destiny 2 Season Pass (Battle Pass) guide contains everything you need to know about the new seasonal reward system, including details on its price, activities and loot.

Beginning with Shadowkeep, Bungie’s releasing a Battle Pass system for Destiny 2 called the Season Pass. It’ll work similarly to how they work in Fortnite, Call of Duty and the like. You’ll pay a fee and it’ll allow you to earn EXP while playing the game, which will unlock extra gear, materials and unique cosmetic items.

It’s not totally the same as its counterparts, though. We thought we’d put together a quick guide which will take you through everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 Season Pass/Battle Pass.

Destiny 2: Season Pass explained – How does the Battle Pass work?

Here’s an overview of how it all works, and we’ll update this page as more Season Passes are introduced in the future.

What is the price of the Season Pass?

The price of every Season Pass is $10 or roughly £8 (an exact UK price hasn’t been confirmed just yet). However, purchase Shadowkeep and you’ll get the Season Pass included for free.

Those who don’t have the time to grind it out will also be able to purchase Season Pass levels two or three weeks into the season. Prices haven’t been confirmed yet, but we imagine you’ll be able to purchase individual tiers for a small fee, or jump ahead quite a few tiers for a lump sum.

What is included in the Season Pass?

With every Season Pass, you’ll get access to a new seasonal activity, new quests, new Exotics, new weapons and armour, and cosmetic rewards too.

Season of the Undying is the first season launching alongside Shadowkeep, and it’ll last for 10 weeks in total. Here’s a look at some of the rewards you’ll be able to earn for both the free and premium Season Pass:

– New Seasonal Activity – Vex Offensive, which includes:

  • Four Legendary Weapon Drops
  • Additional weekly and daily bounties
  • Additional weekly challenges with powerful rewards

– New weapon quest for Exotic Bow, Leviathan’s Breath

  • This quest is exclusive to Season Pass owners.

– New Exotic Hand Cannon, Eriana’s Vow

  • Awarded on Rank 35 of the free track.
  • Awarded on Rank 1 of the premium track.

Eriana’s Vow will be available to those who have the Season Pass instantly, whereas those on the free track will need to grind it out a bit longer to get their hands on it.

– Three seasonal Legendary armour sets (one for each class)

  • Collect a complete set during the first 25 ranks of the free track.
  • On the premium track, you’ll get all three sets on Rank 1.
  • These sets will also drop during the Vex Offensive seasonal activity.

It’s worth noting that the Legendary armour and weapons that come with the free Seasonal Ranks are like “sampler platters” for the Season Pass. Those who want the best stat rolls for these armour sets will need to play the Seasonal activity and get them through drops.

– Additional premium track rewards

  • Three universal ornament armor sets (one for each class).
  • An Exotic weapon ornament for Eriana’s Vow.
  • Two Legendary weapon ornaments.
  • A new finisher.
  • An Exotic emote.
  • An Exotic ship.

How do you level up the Season Pass?

To level up your Season Pass you simply need to play the game and earn EXP. This means you can take part in any activity in Destiny 2 and it’ll progress your Season Pass. Everything from Strikes, to Raids, to PVP and Public Events will earn you EXP towards Season Pass unlocks.

Every week players will also get rest XP bonuses (per account), where their first three ranks are at triple XP. Bungie says that playing strikes with “full stacks of bounties and rest XP” should net you “10 ranks in around 8 hours”.

For a complete overview of Shadowkeep and the Season of the Undying, make sure you head on over to Bungie’s official page.

Want to know when Shadowkeep is launching in your region? Look no further than our Shadowkeep Release Time guide!

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